1. Rivian

    Irritated by azalea

    Two evergreen azalea cuttings. Thinn layer of bark came off during Winter, all around one of them and cracked on the other. As I understand azalea, surely thats terminal? But now theyre both actively growing and producing a small flower or two and shoots. I have the Galle book, and he does say...
  2. A

    Korean Hornbeam Sun Damage or Underwatering?

    Yesterday I noticed the leaves on my Korean Hornbeam having crinkled up a bit. I have not been protecting it from the sun and it gets full sun from midday to the evening. It was relatively hot yesterday for San Francisco, but still only 72 F at the hottest. I am putting together a shade and wind...
  3. C

    Will this branch survive?

    Greetings! I am very new at bonsai and definitely need some specific advice. I was wiring a branch and the tip of the wire twisted under the bark and completely removed it as I wound the wire around the branch. I realize my mistake there (should have left some slack on the wire where I started)...
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