deodar cedar

  1. T

    Deodar Cedar shaping

    Picked up this beauty at a local nursery for an awesome price, couldn’t let it go. It’s been in the current pot for 3-4 years. Started out pretty straggly so I’ve started to clean it up although now I’m stuck on what to do next! I have 2 possibly new leaders and I’m reaching out to the more...
  2. PNW Bonsai

    Deodar Cedar from a loca Nursery

    I filmed this video back in March and thought I could share it here! I found this Deodar Cedar from a Nursery and started its initially styling into becoming hopefully a finished tree! ""
  3. BonjourBonsai

    Cedar deodar air layer

    I've been working on a cedar deodar air layer for 1.5 years. First attempt failed when bark healed over. I reset it this spring. I checked it today and saw some roots starting. I think it's not ready for separation. It looks like it could use another year. How can I best prepare it for over...
  4. MichaelS

    Cedrus brevifolia

    Actually C.libani subsp. brevifolia now I think. This is by far the best Cedrus species for bonsai work. Needles are about 3/4 inch on very vigorous trees in the ground and in the pot they average at about 1/2 inch. Probably a lot less when really old. Branches (at least on this cultivar)...
  5. aframe

    Deodar Cedar - Large Branch Bend, initial wiring

    This is a large Deodar Cedar that is now healthy enough for some work. The before pictures show some funky wiring by the previous owner...
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