1. Crizzi Questions

    Should I dig it up and pot it?

    So I have this pine in my yard. It’s on the side of my house and I will be moving before next winter. Now that I’m into bonsai and looking to acquire trees I’m dying to try to dig this up! While I’m new to bonsai I see potential here. Questions.... What kind of pine is this? How wide should...
  2. pyro gaz

    yamadori collection

    hi so who on here is lucky enough to collect yamadori? i mailed my contact at the local council and asked if it would be ok if i was to collect, he said it wasnt something they could licence so i should be careful...im happy with that! theres lots of scots pines, birch,larch and a few oak...
  3. cole morton

    Collection Rules on Vacocouver Island (BC)

    I am new to Bonsai, and am very interested in collecting specimens from the wild (Along highways, in parks .etc). However I am having an extremely difficult time finding anything about the regulations surrounding recreational plant collection. Does anyone know of general rules/where to find...
  4. parhamr

    The Portland area free urban-dori thread

    Starting with this—privet, lilac, and two crabapples: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/zip/6041021850.html (I’m tempted by the privet) Please add what you’re aware of to this thread (if you want to share).
  5. S

    Quince, when should I collect from my yard?

    A small but at least seven year old quince has been growing on the border of my yard. I do not know whether it is Japanese or Chinese or what species or variety. It was on the property when we bought our house seven years ago. I did not notice it for the first few years until I saw it...
  6. ColinFraser

    Digging a Large Pomegranate

    OK Nuts, I will have an opportunity to collect a Pomegranate tree from a friend's property in the next week or so. I've had some success with other species and landscape collection, but I've never dug a Pom before. If you have any tips or tricks, I'm all ears. I know they're hardy, and my...
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