dwarf jade

  1. MattE

    Portulacaria Help please!

    Hey all just a question for you. This is a PA I just bought and it was sold with out a pot. He gave it to me In a Gritty but wet mix. I originally put it in that pot with the mix for a day till I got my regular bonsai mix ( pumice ,lava,DE and bark) it's root ball wasn't huge but it did have...
  2. T

    Cork Bark Jade (Portulacaria Afra) is no longer growing leaves and instead is growing tiny compact brown clusters. What are these things?

    My Portulacaria Afra (that im trying to grow into a cascade style bonsai), stopped growing leavess and started pushing out these strange compact brown clusters instead. Does anyone here have any idea what is happening? Im wondering if this means that it's time to defoliate it completely?
  3. BonjourBonsai

    Dwarf jade - from one...many!

    Went to home Depot for something (I think I made up an excuse for something). I found this awesome bunch of trees. I've never had a dwarf jade before. Now I have a dozen!
  4. Ben1124

    Dwarf jade in recovery - need help!

    Hello Bonsai Nut community! I bought a Portulacaria Afra from Brussel's about 5 months ago and need some help reviving it. I started getting into bonsai about 5 years ago and this is my first Port. As usual, the nursery soil was a bit too water retentive so I've tried to be very careful with...
  5. I

    Dwarf Jade Development

    Hello, Attached are a couple angled pictures of this P. afra specimen I picked up online. I have already structurally pruned it, but I have a hard time deciding the trunk like and when to prune. Also, how do I make the trunk line smooth from the stumps of previous cuts? Thanks!
  6. swatchpost

    Using osmocote for portulacaria afra

    Quick question: I've begun using osmocote on my p. afra and have given it a healthy dose on top of the soil. It's loving it. The instructions say it's good for up to six months of slow-release feeding. When do you all replenish the osmocote? After six months? Earlier? Thanks! Yusef
  7. Apex37

    Repot and Trim

    Finally got around to repotting and trimming some trees. Trying a mix of 50/50 pine bark and lava rock for these and see how it goes. 1. Barbados Cherry 2. Dwarf Jade 3. Ginseng Ficus
  8. F

    dwarf jade fertilizer (portulacaria afra)

    i recently purchased a mature dwarf jade on a whim for my birthday, and have been researching as much as i can ever since. i think i’m getting the hang of it in general one thing i am struggling to find consistent answers on is fertilisation. from the garden centre i also purchased a small vial...
  9. Castanea

    Soil mix and root development - newbie

    Hi all, I have a dwarf jade, it is my first succulent. I picked it up in December, and its above ground portion has been growing steadily ever since, despite the winter slow down. However, today I accidentally knocked its pot and spilled out most of its soil. I noticed looking inside the pot...
  10. Castanea

    Baby Jade stressed.

    Hi all Last weekend I bought a variegated baby jade from a pre-bonsai section of a local nursery. The plant had nice form and appeared to be healthy. Since wiring it into a bonsai pot only a few days ago, the plant's health appears to have declined some. The leaves have begun to wrinkle and...
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