eastern red cedar

  1. SmallTreeGuy

    New Juniper acquired near throw away pile in back of nursery

    Hello everyone, yesterday I decided to go Nursery crawling and found this near the back beside a pile of dead driftwood and brown crispy foliage. The heartwood is red/pink but the foliage doesn’t look like ERC (red cedar/Juniperus Virginiana.) is there another Juniper that has red heartwood...
  2. JBP_85

    End of Season Update

    Hi Everyone, With summer ending I wanted to give an update on how my RoR Trident Maple progress as well as share some other progress pics of my other trees. I've taken the advice of others here and decided to just let the seedlings grow. I think they've done quite well bit welcome thoughts...
  3. Orion_metalhead

    Juniperus Virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) #2

    Happy with this spruce styled ERC. New pot for next year: Age: 3yrs Training: 1yr Width: .23" Height: 10" A couple potential fronts: #1: #2 (My intended front):
  4. 20190513_185232.jpg


    ERC collected on Mother's Day. May 12, 2019
  5. JimmyBeefshank

    The obligitory newbie ERC post

    So I think I've got the lay of the land figured out here at Bonsai Nut Forums, lots of great people from all over sharing lots of great info about lots of great topics. Theoretical knowledge can only carry one so far though and on the path to exploring the art of bonsai there comes a time when...
  6. CapeCodBonsai

    Eastern Red Cedar to Practice On

    I have no experience with bonsai but, have always appreciated the art. I recently decided to start learning about bonsai in the hope of picking up a new hobby. I’ve read enough posts on this forum to know that ERC makes for poor bonsai material but, figured since I needed some trees to practice...
  7. Dragon60

    First wiring job - Eastern Red Cedar

    I received my wire today so got right on to wiring what I now know is an Eastern Red Cedar. It has hung in there after a heavy pruning recently. It was cut down 8 inches. This was my first time wiring a tree. It does look a little clumsy but I probably should have used thinner wire. Being on a...
  8. trew22

    Eastern red cedar, W. pine & Norw Spruce Help!

    Hello, i am a newbie to bringing my trees indoors in west michigan during winter. i realized that i have been making Bonsai's for many years, they just have been in the ground their whole life. I potted a prize ERC , White Pine, and Norway Spruce 18 months ago and they are very vibrant!. i...
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