1. bluone23

    Sheep Elm Clump

    Last year I collected a bunch of elm seedlings from a pasture. They were grazed by sheep since I found some wool in them at collection. Planted them togheter and let them grow for one year. Not all survived, but a few did and even fused a bit. Decided today to repot them in another pot...
  2. szelelaci

    Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila air layer

    Today I separetad this siberian elm air layer I started this spring. It turned out pretty cool, it has roots all around. I couldn't decide how to train it yet. I can go for a moyogi style using the branch on the right as new leader the one on the left as the first branch. Or cut the top off in...
  3. Clorgan

    Chunky lil cork bark elm

    Another little cork bark elm from a local nursery, budding up nicely 👌 Hopefully a nice shohin in the making!
  4. Scrogdor

    Bark Rot?

    I had this pre bonsai Chinese Elm for about 4-5 months. I’ve been leaving it in the nursery container, but today I decided to expose some of the base and it looks like it has some bark rot going on from being planted too deep. I was able to easily pick off chunks of soft dark brown wood to...
  5. N

    I got my bonsai last Christmas and having issues (newbie)

    Hi guys, So I'm fairly new to having a bonsai as I only got mine last Christmas and lately within the last couple weeks my Chinese elm hasn't been looking so healthy (as shown in the pictures). many of the leaves are going red and some even looking wilted or brown. I'm not sure what to do and...
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