1. Maros

    Maros Bonsai YouTube Channel

    I just tied to join the ranks of BonsaiNut Youtubers. Filmed, edited, and published my first attempt. I would be glad if you find time to watch it and hopefully, someone will find parts of it useful. My new video is dedicated to the aftercare of yamadori trees for bonsai, by using the Black bag...
  2. C

    Recover from freeze

    Moved from Oregon to Texas in January, my little three year old Chinese Elm sapling had been wintering in a leafless state and then the warm sunny days caused it to explode in thick leave coverage. It was beautiful and healthy. Then I forgot to bring the tree inside when it dipped below...
  3. Clicio

    Neagari Shohin Elm - Need advice.

    As the pot is not suitable (in fact I don't like it at all) and I will repot this little fellow in the Spring anyway, should I change the angle to make it higher (and perhaps more dramatic)? Actual angle: Proposed angle:
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