1. R

    Serrisa relocation necessary?

    Hey! I’m new to Bonsai and made the “super wise” decision of starting off with a Serrisa…. Need some advice cause I’ve heard many different things regarding this subject…. For context… i just got this Serrisa this past Sunday so coming up to 5 days tomorrow. I live in Florida and the weather...
  2. J

    New Plant Advice!

    Still new to Bonsi I have had Juniper for some time now and seeing some brown on the Branch? Waters good, Soils good, Sunlight Most the morning then in the window for indirect rest of the day. Is the Brown bad or just growing? Any advice would be cool! TY
  3. Baku1875

    Bucida Spinosa repotting and new pedestal

    Hello fellow Nutters, I have this Bucida Spinosa that has been in development for a while, has a bit of a taper issue on that bottom right branch (the 2nd branch above it is thicker), but I have been working around that by letting the lower right keep most of its foliage and chopping back that...
  4. M

    Collected Buttonwood from Florida

    Hi all! Just wanted to send some pics of a buttonwood I found. Styling suggestions/virts always welcome! The tree is budding everywhere, I’m really excited to see where it goes.
  5. Huggz13

    Looking for people in or near Pensacola, FL

    Hello from Pensacola, FL! I’m looking for folks in or around this area. I know you’re out there... don’t leave me hanging, you Bonsai Nuts!
  6. Yo Mango

    Full defoliation timing (Chinese Elm)

    I have a Chinese Elm, in South Florida (10b climate zone), where there is hardly ever enough cold temps to allow my tree to drop leaves substantially. I notice all through spring and summer it doesn’t throw much of anything out as far as new growth, very little. It seems it drops more leaves...
  7. A

    Any Good Advice on Bonsai Forests?

    Hello! I am somewhat new to Bonsai and I have been practicing for a few years now. I live in zone 10a in West Palm Beach, Fl. I have a desire to create another Bonsai Forest, but what thinking of doing an evergreen style look. I understand our local pines have too long of needles, so I was...
  8. H

    Sumo Privet Ligustrum 14" Base

    I dug this tree out about 6 weeks ago. Took 4 weeks for buds to appear. Freebie on Craigslist. Last picture, where the lizard is at, is a new bud popping. Hoping for another bud higher up. But this will do if not. I'm amazed at the healing calluses already. These trees are trully indestructible...
  9. H

    First Schefflera

    I found this tree buried in the back of a mom and pop nursery. Paid $12. I felt like I was stealing it. I'm still deciding on an overall height. There are a lot of aerial roots on the upper sections of the branches. Not sure if I want to lose those. Thinking I'll keep them. Hoping to get it...
  10. H

    Bougainvillea First Cut

    Picked up yesterday at a local nursery. Good price $14. I just teased the roots a little, replaced some soil, and gave it a prune. Hopefully gets some wiring done next weekend. Deciding on a front still.
  11. H

    Three Bald Cypress I picked up this spring

    Purchased at a nursery. Trunk chopped, and potted in mixing tub. The BC in the first picture, I cut about 100% of the roots off. I really thought it wouldn't survive. All seem to be doing well. Angled the chops and selected keeper branches. These are my first attempt with Bald Cypress.
  12. Cory Johnson

    WTB Elm and Maple pre-bonsai

    Living in orlando it's hard to find any elm or maple (pre)bonsai in the area that are somewhat affordable for someone working a minimum wage job like myself, anyone know of some good places to look or does anyone have any they would be willing to part with?
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