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  1. LeoMame

    Camellia's cracking bark

    Hello Bonsai people, I come to you with a question concerning the bark of a camellia. I noticed that it's cracking in some points: I have very little experience about this species (I acquired this one couple of years ago), I was only able to see young garden plants or old specimens in bonsai...
  2. anakgelap

    Help troubleshoot azaleas in equatorial climate

    Hi... I'm from Indonesia sorry if my English is not good because I use Translation. I just started bonsai, and about a year ago I bought Azaleas (I don't know the specific ID, at the time I bought them they weren't blooming) and I have kept them without messing with them all this year, but never...
  3. Deep Sea Diver

    Request tree identification

    Hello One and All! This I my first special request for an identification. Please help if you can. Situation: Small cluster dug up on friends ye olde farmstead. Tree was positioned between a big flowering quince and a flowering plum tree with bronze leaves. Apple orchard and a Pear tree...
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