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  1. BonsaiNaga13

    Chinese red pine from seed

    Last year i ordered some Japanese red pine and Japanese black pine seeds and decided to order some Chinese red pine seeds also since they were only $1 for a pack of 25. I planted them last year in old strawberry containers with just sifted fines from my bonsai soil and fertilized maybe twice...
  2. BonsaiNaga13

    My first trident from seed

    I bought a pack of 25 trident maple seeds last autumn, after stratification only 4 sprouted but of those 4 only 1 survived. It recently grew enough to write it so I gave my first attempt at wiring
  3. L

    Transplant question on Cypress

    I’ve got these Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) I’ve grown from seed in a south-facing window. They are getting a little stretchy. When I transplant them come spring, can I bury the stems up to the foliage and expect new root growth? They seem like they are young and tender enough to...
  4. don b

    Don B's Pines 2018

    2018 HERE WE COME!! JBPs from seed coming soon!!
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