1. Clicio

    Interesting things around your bonsai garden

    This is a new thread for you to post pictures of what's around your garden that is worth showing. This is NOT a thread to compete with the already ongoing thread 'Welcome visitors to the garden': I will start with some of...
  2. palagaban

    i have been biten by the bonsai bug last year and this is the results

    Treeeeeeessssss!!!!!!! hehehehehe its been a nice day today and the sun has finally came out to play... so me and my little assistent took the chance to water our little trees... hope everybody has a nice day... wifey is preparing some sushi for our dinner.... hehehehehe bonsai and sushi...
  3. whomever

    substrate for all

    If substrate has suppieor draning to potting soil, than why not use substrate in flour beds and raised gardens instead of potting soil?
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