1. F

    Can I get you to focus on this Ficus?

    Hello all, I recently picked up this Ficus from a big box store. Traditionally I'm not a fan of the ginseng variety but when I seen this one my impulses got the best of me. Normally I have the good fortune of not being a very impulsive person but we all have our days. It was going cost me next...
  2. S

    Way to save or propagate a ficus ginseng bonsai after serious root rot?

    Hi! I have a little dear ginseng bonsai that got serious root rot after a heatwave then likely too much moisture. Its leaves fell off, and I recently noticed the bottom of its single trunk had become hollow, and it started to tip over. I tried to wipe off the gooey hollowed rotten trunk, it...
  3. MattE

    Tigerbark ficus ( progress thread )

    Well grabbed the courage to propagate my ginseng ficus. I see such a nice future bonsai in this. I put it in a 40 percent organic and 60 percent bonsai mix. Rocks on top are just to hold it in place better. I did about a 50 to 60 percent defoliation. Everything I read says if it has no roots it...
  4. N

    Fiscus Ginseng With Hollow Root, Help!

    Hey, I recently bought a 'Fiscus Microcarpa Ginseng' bonsai. Sadly it seems to have a hollow root(shown in picture), which I can fit an entire finger into (see attached pictures). As I am new to Ginseng plants I would love some help as to whether the hollow trunk is bad for the plant, is rot, or...
  5. cbroad

    Ficus experiment

    This is more of a thread to chronical my hydroponic Ficus microcarpa experiment. Pardon the ginseng, this was the only one I could find cheaply that I wouldn't mind accidentally killing and the point of this all is to get branches thicker quicker to take cuttings off of... I have wanted to...
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