Fiscus Ginseng With Hollow Root, Help!

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Hey, I recently bought a 'Fiscus Microcarpa Ginseng' bonsai. Sadly it seems to have a hollow root(shown in picture), which I can fit an entire finger into (see attached pictures). As I am new to Ginseng plants I would love some help as to whether the hollow trunk is bad for the plant, is rot, or should simply be left alone. The roots feel strong and sturdy, even the hollow one, and aren't wrinkled etc.

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Maybe leave it be for a few weeks and see if it still grows well in its new environment. Looks like an scar maybe as there seems to be roots growing inside it?

Water normally but let dry out between watering. Put your finger in the soil down to your second knuckle to monitor for dryess. Try not to water the hole. Is the root soft inside?

If all is well and it's growing ok, then get it out of that soil into some bonsai soil. It will thank you.

Then think about sorting the reverse taper if you see it. These trees are a bit of a nightmare in that respect but congratulations on your choice. There is stuff you can easily do to make this a more natural looking tree if you want :) Some of these ficus are not so lucky in their form.

With some development work, these trees lend themselves to the sumo bonsai kind of material like this:


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