golden gate ficus

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    Little help with Jaboticaba bonsai

    Hello everyone! Thanks for viewing my post and offering your insights. I’m new to bonsai and started 6 months ago, I have two golden gate ficus microcarpa’s and this Jaboticaba, I’m having some little difficulty with the Jaboticaba, overall it’s been healthy but I’m noticing browning tips of the...
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    My Golden Gate bonsai

    Hello everyone, I’m lookin For some constructive criticism in the styling of my Golden Gate bonsai tree any advice would be very helpful as I am kind of new to this art form. thank you in advance for your help
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    Identify my Tree

    Hello again! I'm very excited to announce I have purchased another bonsai (maybe I should wait a little longer to make sure I'm sticking with this hobby?... Nah). I actually feel pretty proud of this one, because I've seen similar trees online sell for more. Obviously I'm sure there is a quality...
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