ground growing

  1. MagicMike

    Field growing Japanese black pine

    I have quite a few Japanese black pine growing in the ground in grow bags. I haven't heard anyone discuss the nuances of what to cut, when to cut, or how to cut to encourage the fastest base thickening and keep lower growth healthy. I have heard to not trim or cut back to encourage rapid...
  2. Sidesummy

    Sidesummy's JBP & JRP Ground Growing Progression

    Sidesummy's JBP & JRP Ground Growing Progression Photo Series: As of 2022 I'm 7 years into my bonsai from seed journey. I thought it would in nice to provide an ongoing photo series of my progress thus far. Reading the forums for several years I have always found it particularly helpful when...
  3. K

    JWP Grafts

    Hey guys, I just bought several young JWP from an online Bonsai nursery with the goal of growing them in the fields and potentially ground-layering them at the graft (previous post discussing Brent Walstons' method:
  4. Clorgan

    Ground growing options...

    So I'm looking into ground growing. Haven't delved (love that word) into it yet, due to being in a new build hous... There's restrictions on planting trees (don't think we're allowed large trees planted), poor new build soil and a partner who is a little apprehensive about any drastic garden...
  5. Dryad

    Ground Growing... from a distance?

    Hey all, I've just recently found out my mother has inherited a small field down the country by my grandmother's house (2 hour drive away). We are both very keen on planting trees in the field to create a small native woodland, so that should be a fun project to keep us busy. Additionally, I've...
  6. sparklemotion

    Show me your grow out beds!

    The long night is upon us. I retire to my keep to plan landscaping modifications to support my future ground growing plans... Luckily, Mr. Motion doesn't really care how the yard looks. Sadly, I do...I'm looking to be inspired/educated by seeing how folks with gardens of various sizes integrate...
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