1. H

    Harvest from ground

    First and foremost I'm brand new here and have come to a bit of guidance. Super new (this year is my first year with bonsai) to bonsai but I'm rather well at growing things in the garden or flowers etc. I have had a burning bush growing in the front for 10+ years now. And it had a baby coming...
  2. J

    Layering above graft - Senkaki

    Hi there! I just bought this awesome Japanese maple senkaki (or so the tag reads). It has an awesome shape with good growth on the lower part of the tree. I want to layer the trunk above the graft to produce nebari. And at the same time, removing the not so good looking graft. I've looked at...
  3. jcrossett

    New spot

    Okay so went to my new place last night and the back yard is over grown in the corners and back side. Wanted to see if any of you would try to save some of this. I'm still new so not sure what can and can't be used. And some of this looks way to mature and over grown. There are also 2 yews...
  4. Sidesummy

    Growing over tiles

    Not much to show here yet, just getting started on projects that will hopefully provide valuable material to work with later. My parents are allowing my to re-purpose the family garden into my bonsai tree farm. I will be starting quite a few trees and growing many of them over tiles to encourage...
  5. S

    Should I just let this maple keep growing?

    Does this maple need some pruning work or should I just let it keep growing? I'd like it to be thicker but I also would like to see more lower branches.
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