hawthorn yamadori

  1. M

    English Hawthorn / Common Hawthorn

    Hey new to bonsai so bear with me. I live in northwest Oregon and have English Hawthorn growing in my cow pastures. Some of them have been trampled over the years keeping them low and giving them good movement in the trunks. I found this one the other day and have a couple questions. I know...
  2. mwar15

    Collected hawthorn

    I collected three Hawthorne this spring. Last fall I went to the property and chopped them. Right before they start pushing buds I dug them up put them in straight pumice. I tried the Tony tickle garbage bag method and they seem to respond very well. I’ve sealed the chops and now comes the...
  3. Storm87

    Any experience using 'sweating techniques' indoors for i.a. Hawthorns?

    Hi all, Yesterday I collected a Hawthorn (picture will follow). Anyone has experience with the so called 'sweating technique' (by Tony Tickle) used indoors? Why I ask? I like to try it, however there will be only rain en clouds the coming weeks and sun is required to my understanding to heat...
  4. BonsaiButler

    Hawthorn Yamadori

    Here are some pictures of a few Hawthorns collected two years ago. Still a long way to go.
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