1. J

    American hornbeam health?

    Hello, I've only been in the hobby for about a year and a half and recently acquired a nice american hornbeam that had been collected around 15 years ago. When I got the tree I had been told that the tree had been in the nursery container for around 15 years. When I received the tree the leafs...
  2. Tntthunder

    Part of my Taxus is turning brown?

    Basically my Taxus I noticed is turning brown, it's been a pretty cold winter often down to -20c or lower. It's warmed up a little now but still cold (-5 to 5 c.) my tree is on a protected glass balcony and out of the wind with the balcony about 5c warmer than outside. Any thoughts what it...
  3. O

    Foemina Juniper Bark Management

    I was just wondering if anyone had any general tips on Foemina bark management. I have a tree with Jin several shari. I was going to clean off the bark they way I usually do for itoigawa. However I noticed that the new red bark layer is a bit more delicate on my Foemina. Does anyone clean bark...
  4. SmallTreeGuy

    Rescued Juniper- Emergency repotting needed?

    Hey everyone! So, I either have a penchant for nurturing unhealthy neglected junipers back to health or they like to just find me. Either way, I acquired another ailing Juniper and it looks like the soil it is in is black clay-like soil. The juniper looks to have been pinched to all hell in...
  5. B

    Black spot or old leaves (Chinese elm)? Also advice on potting/styling welcome.

    Is this tree alright? Are the spots something to worry about? I got this tree delivered on July 31. It came from Brussels Bonsai and shipped from Mississippi to Central California (zone 9b). There were a few yellow leaves, many simply broken in half, and some with spots when it arrived. I...
  6. Andre_J

    Is this normal spring growth?

    Temps have been in the 50s and 60s the last week and I’ve noticed some lighter foliage on my Shimpaku. Little white flowers are also coming out around the entire tree. Any advice or reassurance would be great. Thanks.
  7. S

    Portulacaria Afra check in (help!)

    Hello my fellow enthusiasts, I posted about this tree a little while ago and could use some advice. I repotted my little portulacaria afra on June 18th (totally dry, as per Adam’s advice), into my homemade mix of lava, pumice, turface, coconut husk and some granite. I then waited a full 10...
  8. BrightsideB

    Magnets and plants/trees

    I bought some grey owl(red cedar type) for a few dollars thinking I’d let them grow and attempt grafting in the future. They grow in an area that receives little attention. Yesterday I was looking at them and noticed a neodymium magnet in one of the pots. It was the youngest one and had buds all...
  9. P

    My First Tree

    Hello everyone, I just got my first ever bonsai tree yesterday. Looking for advice and recommendation regarding my new tree. Got it as a bonsai carmona. Thanks :)
  10. Fishtank307

    Scots pine skipping a year of growth

    I have this scots that produced buds last year, but didn't develop candles during spring or summer. The buds thickened, some opened up a little bit, but that was it. It was dug up three years ago, styled at the end of last winter and slip-potted when the buds were just about to open. But then...
  11. ConorDash

    A health timeline? Or I’m silly?

    Hi, Been a while since I posted much here, busy with life, but the trees are simply growing and increasing in health and vigor, I hope. I have seen good signs from my maple, and the pics below show a few branches of it. What it seems like, and I could be wrong but it seems like the branch is...
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