1. RKMcGinnis

    Magnets and plants/trees

    I bought some grey owl(red cedar type) for a few dollars thinking I’d let them grow and attempt grafting in the future. They grow in an area that receives little attention. Yesterday I was looking at them and noticed a neodymium magnet in one of the pots. It was the youngest one and had buds all...
  2. P

    My First Tree

    Hello everyone, I just got my first ever bonsai tree yesterday. Looking for advice and recommendation regarding my new tree. Got it as a bonsai carmona. Thanks :)
  3. Fishtank307

    Scots pine skipping a year of growth

    I have this scots that produced buds last year, but didn't develop candles during spring or summer. The buds thickened, some opened up a little bit, but that was it. It was dug up three years ago, styled at the end of last winter and slip-potted when the buds were just about to open. But then...
  4. ConorDash

    A health timeline? Or I’m silly?

    Hi, Been a while since I posted much here, busy with life, but the trees are simply growing and increasing in health and vigor, I hope. I have seen good signs from my maple, and the pics below show a few branches of it. What it seems like, and I could be wrong but it seems like the branch is...
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