1. T

    HELP! Deshojo not doing well

    Hey all, new to the JM scene and looking for advice.. I got this Deshojo late April, I believe it was around the 24th that showed up, it was shipped from out east so it was in a box with peat covering the pot and wrapped in plastic, the stems were bent in half. Vibrant red are pics on arrival...
  2. glass_shark

    I need some fukien help!

    Hello all, I'm having issues with a fukien I have. i repotted it when i brought it home from lowes, but shortly after that i discovered some bugs. aphids i think, thats not why im here though. i removed the leaves, in hindsight probably not a good idea, but i figured if the leaves were gone the...
  3. bonsguy

    Seeking Advice: TinyRoots Bonsai Tools Kit

    I am looking to buy a Bonsai tool kit for a beginner. I am overwhelmed by choice. Does anyone have suggestions? I was looking at a 5 piece TinyRoots Bonsai Tools Kit to start: The tools are carbon...
  4. J

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Please help need answers I got a fukien tea bonsai from lowes. For almost 2 months it did nothing. It didn't lose anything, nor did it grow, then in the matter of 2 days it lost almost every single leaf except 5 on the 3rd morning I decided well i think it might be a goner, andi just felt like...
  5. Moxie

    Yucca Elephantipes - Dark Spots

    I brought a sick Yucca Elephantipes plant home about 2-3 weeks ago - the plant had many dark spots on the leaves. I can see new healthy growth but not sure what to do about the dark spots. Based on my research, these could be related to bacterial leaf spot but I could be wrong and would greatly...
  6. Ujjawal Roy

    Science behind root rot

    Hello everyone. I am unable to understand the science behind rotting roots, from what I understand it's usually that the roots die because of too much water (i. e. Lack of oxygen) and then fungal pathogens corrode away that root and it can spread into the healthier sections as well. I stay in a...
  7. R

    Identify this bonsai please

    Just picked up my first bonsai today have no idea what species it is. Noticed what appeared to be scale insects on it but once scraped off no fluid so should be dead. The edges of the leaves appear to be an opaque white so lack of chlorophyll?? Please help!
  8. U

    What do I have?

    Hi, I'm very new to Bonsai and this site so if this isn't the right place to post this I apologise. I found a little Bonsai in my Grandmas house after she died and I was wondering if anyone can help me out so I can care for this little guy. Any info will be helpful and tips and tricks to make it...
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