1. E


    Hi all! 😊 I got a bonsai tree for my birthday from my brother but he said the shop assistant couldn’t tell what kind of bonsai tree it was. Could any of you guys help me out with identifying it please? Would mean a lot. Also open to tips on how to keep it and care for it but I will do the...
  2. BonsaiTreeAdmirer

    What is wrong with my cuttings?

    Hi! Complete newbie here. 7B, Bonsais are being kept outside during the day (when its warm and sunny) and inside during the night (or when days are gloomy and cold). Watering once a day and plants are potted in bonsai soil. I purchased three different species of willow cuttings (Dragon...
  3. JuniperSol

    I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is wrong with my Ficus

    I own eleven trees. All of them are doing well, prospering, growing, etc. BUT THIS FICUS DEAR GOSH! I only water when it needs, I have made sure it gets good light and not too much, it has been outside for weeks yet continues to lose foliage. I am out of ideas, help me Bonsai Nut, you're my only...
  4. C

    Wiring and shaping advice

    Hi All, Recently got hooked on bonsai and would love to hear your suggestions on shaping and wiring for this little tree. I also need some help identifying the tree, the tag said Brazilian Rain Tree, but from what I've found online it really doesn't look like one. Thanks Craig
  5. S

    Newbie could use some help with new tree

    Hello, everyone. I just joined and and wanted to ask the community a few quick questions: I got this maple yesterday, it's planted in regular dirt (I think) with some kind of spongy black rocks (almost like perlite) with an orange coating, on top of the dirt. It is 7 years old, according to the...
  6. Live2explore

    My Hokkaido elm.

    I’m pretty new to bonsai, have Experience with plants and “full” size trees from growing food to landscaping and lawn care. I have about 6 bonsai and I just picked up this old elm ( nursery estimated it around 100years old) for a great price, they said it has been declining over the last few...
  7. Clorgan

    Help me choose garden tree please 😊

    So as title says, I'm looking for a tree for the bottom left area of my garden. Sorry think I have asked this somewhere before, but making a thread so I can find easily! Parts of this area get boggy so I'm happy to look into drainage if needed? Clay soil, south west facing, gets some PM shade...
  8. H

    Help! Bug ID? Bonsai suffering

    I’ve had this Chinese elm bonsai for several years now, and it has always been a quick grower and looks lovely. Last year I had a major spider mite infestation which took me most of the summer to eradicate. So I’ve been keeping a close eye on it and I’ve noticed theses tiny white bugs? (I’m...
  9. ArelLongIslandNY

    Blue Atlas Cedar Nursery Stock

    Hey, if anyone is interested I picked up this Cedar from . It’s about 5’ tall 2 gallon container for $100 after shipping ! Where do I start haaaa. It seems super tall. Do I cut it shorter already or let it keep growing wild for a while. Its pring here in NY and...
  10. G

    Please help Scots pine

    Hi please help me with my Scots pine, for the last 2 months I’ve seen the needles becoming more brown yet some stayed really green and healthy so just thought it was the old pines shedding but now it has gone really pale brown and easily brush off Any help would be great to get this amazing...
  11. S

    Bonsai on Life Support - Please help!

    Hello! My roommate and I have been proud owners of this Brazilian Rain Forest Bonsai for 3 YEARS. Sadly, our neighbor only watered it only once while we were away for two weeks, and all the leaves fell off. It's been a month, but I'm convinced it's still alive. All of the branches are still...
  12. Moxie

    Yucca Elephantipes - Dark Spots

    I brought a sick Yucca Elephantipes plant home about 2-3 weeks ago - the plant had many dark spots on the leaves. I can see new healthy growth but not sure what to do about the dark spots. Based on my research, these could be related to bacterial leaf spot but I could be wrong and would greatly...
  13. P

    Japanese Maple Pest ID

    This is a Seiryu japanese maple and im not sure what is on the trunk.
  14. legobonsaipianoman

    Japanese Maple from Wal-Mart Advice Needed

    Hi everyone. I have been into bonsai for about 4 or 5 years now and have been wanting a Japanese Maple for a while. I bought some seedlings a few years ago or so from a garden center for around 2 dollars a piece, but killed them over the winter because I didn't water them. For some reason I...
  15. legobonsaipianoman

    Serissa Foetida White Powder on the Soil and Trunk

    Hi everyone, I have a Serissa Foetida that I have had for about 2 or 3 months now. It was in horrible potting soil that held too much water, so I repotted it into some soil I made from fullers earth, perlite, and organics. The tree didn't have any of the white powder on it before I repotted...
  16. V

    Reviving my bonsai

    Hello, So apparently my bonsai hasn’t been doing well for the past 2 months. At first I thought it was due to the winter season and it will grow its leaves back, but it hasn’t produced a single leaf for the past 3 weeks or so. Unfortunately, I was away from home for about a month and an...
  17. Ericanoel6

    Cherry blossom seeds & Yoshino Cherry cutting

    My prunus serrulata seeds came in today as well as Yoshino cherry. I know how to stratify the seeds. I am starting off with a 24 hour soak in warm water. All of the seeds sunk!! I am thinking part cold stratification and part with seed starting mix to germinate. The seeds are from June 2020...
  18. Ujjawal Roy

    To water or not to water....?

    Hi everyone on this site. Needed your help with watering my plants. My soil composition is crushed clay pots + perlite and some amount of organic additives. Watering a plants (pre bonsai) depends on numerous factors and I understand that very well but I want to know what is that one thing that...
  19. T

    What’s this lump on my new juniper?

    I bought a juniper yesterday and found a couple lumps at the trunk. Are these galls or just callouses or something entirely different? Thanks in advance
  20. D

    Where to buy Brazilian raintree

    Hello, I'm from Portugal and im having trouble getting a BRT. Can someone recomend some website where i can buy it from or some private seller from EU ? All i can find are sellers who ship only in America, Im looking for seeds or small trees . If someone can help i would really apretitate...
  21. Forsoothe!

    Photographers: Spill your guts here...

    Long, long ago I came across an article (elsewhere) that discussed beauty or handsomeness in people. They had set out to discover what physical traits made people physically attractive to other people. They showed pictures of people to test dummies and asked them to rate them. It turned out...
  22. A

    Bonsai is sad after repotting

    Hey! So i recently repotted my fukien tea out if its nursery pot, and its not looking too happy. The leaves are very droopy and some are yellowing or drying up. I'm worried bc I had to cut more of the root system than I wanted to. Unfortunately it had a lot of surface roots, and then one long...
  23. B

    Bonsai Growth!

    Hi everyone! I'm a bonsai newbie and new to this forum as well. I have several bonsai that have been growing really well since I've purchased them. Three of them have grown from trunks that I propagated in water until they began to sprout roots and leaves. However, they're growing incredibly...
  24. B

    Unhealthy Shimpaku

    Any idea as to why my oldest shimpaku isn't doing as well as my other Shimpakus? I water it maybe 1 to 2 times a week minus rain fall. There are 2 other shimpakusaround it that are deep green and healthy. Im slightly inexperienced with evergreens and can't figure out why.
  25. P

    Not sure what to do for my maple

    Hi everyone! I’m new to bonsai (honestly new to long term plant care in general) and I’m not sure what to do for my maple sapling. My boyfriend gave this one to me at the beginning of August and we potted it in this pot at that time. I’m worried about drainage as I live in the PNW in a North...
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