1. jbhampton31

    Large Tridents Please Help!

    I am a beginning my 2nd yr in bonsai. I purchased these trident maples from a widow of a club member who has passed. I got these trees late last spring and I am looking for help on how best to get these trees back on a path towards becoming bonsai. Trident #1 has 3 trunks and a big calloused...
  2. D

    ficus leaves yellowing + falling off

    I got a ginseng ficus a little over a month ago, and ever since I got it's been losing leaves. fast. a few every day. the leaves yellow and then fall off. They don't curl up and are even mostly green when they fall off. They do not go limp either. I know they lose leaves easily from condition...
  3. Z

    Help with Fukien Tea Tree

    Hi Everyone! I got my first bonsai tree a few weeks ago, and I'm having some issues. It's a 20 year old Fukien tea tree. A few days after I got it home, some leaves started falling off, and it's only got worse with time. I was instructed by the person who sold it to me to put the pot in a bath...
  4. F

    How To Properly care for a Japanese Maple Bonsai in the winter?

    Hello this is my first post and my first Bonsai. I was gifted this "Kryptonite Japanese Maple" as a secret Santa gift. I have always wanted a Bonsai but never learned how to care for them so I never bought one. I have bought 2 books on bonsai care and I have been watching videos and reading...
  5. R

    Just got my first Brazilian rain tree :)

    So I just received my BRT and I love it! The only thing is the trunk is stick straight, I'm wondering when BRTs start to flute/flatten? Also I am thinking of keeping it in this pot to let it grow and settle in a bit, is that a good idea or should I transfer it to a bonsai pot? Thanks for the help!
  6. Carapace

    I will be trying Sub-Alpine fir var. arizonica as bonsai. Any tips?

    Hi, I am getting a couple of sub-alpine fir's, tiny guys really, just 30-ish centimeters. I am planning on repotting them into nice bonsai soil next spring and I was wondering if you guys know any care tips on them? It gets pretty hot on my south facing balcony in summer but I do have a north...
  7. Carapace

    Lads, any Giant Sequoia tips????

    So I bought 3 little giant sequoia, two of which I will be planting in the garden and 1 that I will try to make into a bonsai. I was wondering if you got any tips on care and pruning them? Thanks.
  8. pavlina

    please help :DD

    soo, my bonsai trunk is really squishy and rotten i guess? i feel like it’s because of overwareting. one of the trunks even fell apart :( is there anything i could do to save it? the leaves and branches look okay but today i noticed few yellow leaves. other than that it looks healthy. i fear...
  9. J

    Issue with Green Mound- Disease?

    I purchased my first Bonsai about 2 months ago. Everything seemed great up until two weeks ago. I found what looks like some kind of disease on the stem of my green mound. Multiple areas of the stem seem to be infected. It seems as though it is “bleeding” and there is some disease growing on...
  10. R

    Serrisa relocation necessary?

    Hey! I’m new to Bonsai and made the “super wise” decision of starting off with a Serrisa…. Need some advice cause I’ve heard many different things regarding this subject…. For context… i just got this Serrisa this past Sunday so coming up to 5 days tomorrow. I live in Florida and the weather...
  11. Carapace

    Any ever try Halesia carolina as bonsai?

    I saw this little tree at a nursery and I haven't seen it before and I was wondering if anyone has one of these as bonsai? They look like they could work pretty well. And if yes, are they any good?
  12. Carapace

    Any tips on Hinoki Cypress nana ?

    Hi, I bought a very small hinoki cypress nana ( 10 cm ) and I would like to know if there are any tips on growing them as in any particular disease I should be wary off or how wet they like to stay? Thx.
  13. Carapace

    When should I heavily bend larch?

    Hello, I have 2 larch saplings that are about the size of pencil, maybe 1.5 pencils. From what I know I should wire them in the autumn so that they can still heal a little bit before winter. I plan on really bending these puppies, I want to make them really gnarly and I was wondering if I should...
  14. Carapace

    Hi guys, when can I trunk chop a 2m silver maple?

    Hi, I have a 2m tall silver maple and it has a fairly thick base, I want to chop it low but I'm not sure when I should do it. Winter?
  15. L

    Help. What to do with my bonsais.

    Helpp! My 2 bonsais have always been beautifully green, well maintained and pruned. They are always kept outside under a small canopy in the partial sun and in the winter they are kept in the garage. However, recently the needles have started to turn completely orange and the bark is peeling...
  16. Carapace

    A little help with my japanese quince and a prunus incisa oshidori?

    Hi, I am getting a a very japanese quince and also a japanese cherry blossom "oshidori" and I have read somewhere that these plants should be repotted in the autumn. I am not really chasing flowers next year, I want them to grow well and get established and also avoid diseases that usually...
  17. Carapace

    I am very confused about the birds nest spruce

    So, I got a a birds nest spruce from a nursery last winter, I wired it and pruned it and left it in the pot for the growing season, I was expecting 1 growth flush as it technically is a cultivar of norway spruce. Well, to my surprise it grew new shoots on 4 different occasions, I even pruned it...
  18. Carapace

    Can I repot this in autumn

    Hi guys, I have a tiny twin trunk pfitz juniper and I was wondering if I can repot it in autumn, it is currently in it's garden center soil and so I might need to cut off quite a good amount of roots
  19. B

    Brazilian Raintree HELP!!!!!

    I’ve had these trees for a few years. I am in Colorado and they are currently placed inside. I defoliated my big Brazilian Raintree a few months back, and the growth came out OK but it’s now starting to drop. The leaves are falling but not drying up and I’ve noticed the color is no longer darker...
  20. glass_shark

    Help! Maple possibly dying, unsure the cause.

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well. I have a maple that I got myself for my birthday last year, and its been going strong until recently. I noticed the top leaves looked burnt, they were crispy and fell off when i touched them. fast forward a few days, I've been pulling handfuls of leaves off...
  21. Viktor’s bonsai

    Corokia cotoneaster species guide

    Yesterday was my birthday and my girlfriend gifted me this cool shrub… It says on safari that it’s New Zealand + Northern Australia native and that it hates dry air/sail and basically dies during drought. to know if anyone has anything on this species, much appreciated. What are the watering...
  22. Carapace

    Should I do this when field growing?

    Hi, I wanna start field growing some trees and I've had this idea of planting the trees in a shallow plastic crate (like the one attached) with holes all over, so that it will be easier for me to dig them up and cut theirs roots every few years. I've been wondering if this is a good idea or not.
  23. W

    Help needed: white mold

    Hello everyone. I just found out about the community after googling for white mold help. I know I'm a newcomer so I hope someone could share some advice. I recently got a beautiful matsu. But on the last two weeks I noticed white mold growing on its branches through the whole tree. Is this...
  24. Nicks_Bonsai

    Italian Cypress HELP!

    Can anyone help with my Italian Cypress can't seem to find much help, I know it's not a common bonsai to have but I'm guessing it's similar to a juniper. Basically was repotted about 2 months ago and have only recently within the last week or so noticed that some of the foliage is turning...
  25. M

    My flame tree leaves are turning yellow and the stem is turning brown, what should I do?

    I grew a flame tree from seed about a month ago and every thing was fine until I put it in a bigger pot, that’s when I noticed that the stem was starting to turn brown and I decided to put it back in it’s original pot. I did notice that when I was repotting to the original pot that the bigger...
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