1. J

    Portulacaria afra - Trunk base has different texture + white fuzz

    Hello! I've gotten this bonsai tree a few months ago as a gift so I am still new at taking care of it. I am a little concerned about 2 things and I would appreciate your help/advice on them! First Problem: I've noticed that the base of the trunk looks a lot more flaky/shriveled up compared to...
  2. MeDupree

    Thuja Occidentalis "Golden Globe" Progression 😅

    Hello Folks!! New here, brief intro...I've always admired bonsai but recently decided to go hands-on last Spring. I have collected a bunch of cheap material from different nurseries and garden centers mostly on discount due to different variables in relation to my newbie status and lack of...
  3. D

    Murisaki Kiyohime Bonsai

    I’m new to Bonsai and I got a Murisaki Kyohime. I know I need to prune it and shape it, but frankly, I look at it and don’t even know which branches I should prune, I’m going nutz here. Any help will be highly appreciated 🙏
  4. P

    Hail Mary Advice for a No Hoper Garnet

    Long story short, how can I revive an acer stump as winter approaches? Open to all suggestions as this one just fell in my lap, but I do think it would be awesome to have a heavily tapered thick trunked red leaf maple I have what seems to be a pretty old and oft injured acer palmatum- garnet...
  5. J

    First Real Bonsai Project, Need Guidance

    Hello all, I'm new to bonsai, be gentle! To start, the tree in question has the name " Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted' " and I live near Eugene, Oregon in zone 8b. This is the first tree I've started working on in an effort to learn how to bonsai so even if I don't get it to survive this...
  6. SmallTreeGuy

    Choosing the front/styling

    Hello everyone, I’m having a rather difficult time choosing a front on this Juniper. It has a beautiful curved trunk and great taper. I also need a little help choosing which branches to trim and which to keep. I was thinking about a possible a semi cascade with it by repositioning the tree...
  7. B

    What do I do now?

    What do I do now??? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. N

    Mold on moss? repot needed?

    Hi im very new to Bonsai, Today i was sorting out my plants because mold had spread on the soil(cheap soil and bad circulation) and noticed my chinese elm bonsai (kept it inside), that i bought a week ago, had mold on the moss too (atleast i think it is mold??) but it looks very different than...
  9. NoobKing

    Noob tries to Bonsai : How do I start? (Cherry Blossoms)

    Hello kind Bonsai nerds of the internet! I have came across this beautiful hobby and am interested in trying it out. Currently I have my eyes set on growing a Cherry Blossom Bonsai, because I think they look really nice. I was wondering if anyone could help me get started and point me in the...
  10. NicoleInTexas

    Need help identifying this guy…

    Guys can someone please help identify this seeding? I don’t usually make this mistake but I planted several kinds of seeds a while back and this little guy grew. I can’t figure out what it is. Thank you so much! I might have to wait until it grows up a little more. It never hurts to ask right...
  11. Storm_Lord

    Ficus dropping leaves - yellowish with black spots - please help!

    Hi everyone, I have been caring for a Ficus for a few years now. In the last week or so, it started dropping leaves. A few of these leaves are yellowish, while others have brown or black marks on them. I've attached a few photos. The tree doesn't seem healthy, and I'm not sure how to fix...
  12. J

    Help with Suzuki Azalea Bonsai

    Hello! I’m completely new to bonsai but I’ve done a lot of reading on Suzuki bonsai. I’ve had it for about 3-4 weeks now. I live in Chicago so that’s zone 6. I’ve been having issues with leaves falling off, originally my plant was in pretty harsh morning-early afternoon sunshine so I got a...
  13. Backwardsvg

    Moss propagation

    I have what I believe is silver thread moss. Seems to grow in full sun and is a very short compact moss. I collected a bit and want to now have it continue to grow. Does anyone have any good ways to propagate it? I’ve heard like a buttermilk slurry and spraying that as well as a few others...
  14. N

    Developmental Indecesion re: My Wintergreen Boxwood. Need Suggestions!

    Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters in the art of bonsai. I am making my first thread on this forum, in need of advice regarding which direction I ought to take my newly-acquired "Wintergreen" Boxwood tree. I recently acquired this tree, along with a Serissa Japonica (which is doing...
  15. Ferg91

    Albino Desert Rose HALP

    I planted some desert rose seeds for the first time and to keep it alive I read that you could try and graft other leaves on it. I have thus far been unsuccessful, can't figure out a good way to put other leaves from desert rose into the small cut I put on the albino guy. Anyone else have any...
  16. RhyleeRebecca

    Twin trunk juniper styling help

    I’m rather new (couple years) to bonsai and I picked up this (what was labeled as) Grey Owl Juniper at a local nursery. It’s a good healthy tree and came already with some wire on it, and I’m not sure the best way to style this tree. It’s a twin trunk at the moment but feels a bit clunky...
  17. blainsai

    Back to nursery pot 4 more size. Help

    Wife got me my 2nd tree from the same old lady and her van on a St. corner. It’s a healthy little tree but I want more tree. Can I just use a cheap black plastic pot that all my other gardening plants come in. Like a 1 gallon? Or do I need something fancy like I see on Also...
  18. I

    Hi, Can someone help??!?!

    Hi Everyone, I recently got a Chinese Elm and some of these leaves go black about a little black every day, I mist it maybe 3 to 4 times a day. Is this too much?? I had red spider mites but hand squished them and then damped the tree and left it outside overnight and all the bugs seem to be...
  19. B


    I’ve never had an issue with this Brazilian Raintree I’ve had it for about a year and just recently I have started to water with a pan underneath it which was not allowing the water to drain completely for up to a day at a time then the tree started to not open sleeps all the way in the daytime...
  20. W

    Collecting Juniper Yamadori - First time lessons learned/tips?

    About a week ago, I went on my first Juniper Yamadori collecting trip and brought home two fine specimens which I'm praying to the gods, will survive. This was an extremely fun and memorable experience for me, but I feel no amount of reading would have probably fully prepared me for what I was...
  21. S

    Should I get this for $80 (altogether with shipping)

  22. M

    STUMPED about branch placement.

    Hi all. I’m stumped about how to choose which branches to keep on this chinese elm tree (and really any tree in general). How do you choose which branches to keep vs cut off? How do I choose a 1st vs 2nd vs back branch and so on?? I’ve read that there are some guidelines to follow with...
  23. Miyagi_Do_Bonsai

    Urgent Trident Maple Help!

    Needs some urgent help Not sure if this is normal but my Shohin Trident Maple which I purchased back in December has come into leaf like a month back however the leaves were looking a bit tangled and bunched together, after a few weeks I left it outside a few weeks back when the night temp went...
  24. Lawrencek

    Repotting Chinese elm for first time, advice needed.

    Hello all, someone might recognize me about a year ago I bought my friend a Chinese elm bonsai and I posted a thread on this website about if everything looked ok because the trunk had a odd bend to it (advertised as broom style) and the soil looked dislodged. I got some good feedback on here...
  25. S

    Propagating Cherry Blossom Cuttings

    Hi, I was watching a video and i'm confused on which method i should do, currently i have the cuttings like this, should i put them in soil instead?
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