1. Bonsai Cowboy

    JM Rotted Trunk Hole Holding Water

    TL;DR - my tree rotted in the middle, so I carved out the spongy-rotted wood and that created a water-holding hole in the trunk. I'm not sure what to do to fix the water-holding hole or to help this tree heal-up. Pics inserted below. I have had this Japanese Maple (Osakazuki) since 2014 (I...
  2. RJG2

    Old landscape Weigela

    Splitting it out into it's own thread from https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/rjgiis-threadless-projects.49075/ Seems to be doing well. June 22nd: Shoot selection and cut back (also June 22nd): July 15th:
  3. Hornbeam


  4. Beech


    Fagus sylvatica
  5. Carpinus in training

    Carpinus in training

    Trees in progress, First steps
  6. N

    Fiscus Ginseng With Hollow Root, Help!

    Hey, I recently bought a 'Fiscus Microcarpa Ginseng' bonsai. Sadly it seems to have a hollow root(shown in picture), which I can fit an entire finger into (see attached pictures). As I am new to Ginseng plants I would love some help as to whether the hollow trunk is bad for the plant, is rot, or...
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