1. Rateeluck

    English Holly... Is this anything?

    Just picked this up at a big box stores. Variegated English Holly. The trunk is about 1.5 to 2 inches and some nice movement low on the trunk. The small leaves are what interested me. The Xmas tree shape has to go... Thinking about chopping half way while it's still dormant. Back up plan is to...
  2. amatbrewer


    I picked up a ILEX CRENATA ‘DWARF PAGODA’ from a local nursery. I am sure I payed way too much but I like the compact leaves, thick trunk, and roots. Worst case I figure it will make a nice accent plant. It was very root bound so I re-potted it into a colander and cleaned it up a bit so I could...
  3. Hawke84

    Japanese Holly best type of soil

    Hi, im new here and still learning. I have a Japanese Holly and i was wondering the best type of soil to re-pot it in. ive seen loads of different mixes on ebay but im struggling to find good into online as it seems to be all over the place. ideally id rather stick to using a pre-mix rather than...
  4. C

    Repotting broadleaf evergreens

    Hi guys, first post. Thanks for having me. So I have a Schilling's Ilex vomitoria and I'm loving it. First broadleaf evergreen bonsai. I have it under grow lights as I'm in Canada and it already had produced a considerable bit of new foliage when I got it from the bonsai nursery.Going outside...
  5. cbroad

    'Red Sprite' Winterberry Holly styling/virtual

    So I bought this Holly last week and could not resist cutting it back, I know the timing wasn't the best but I know these are pretty vigorous and I think it could make it through the winter even if it doesn't push out any more growth this year. Winterberries, for whatever reason, are one of...
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