1. Grovic

    Pest ID?

    I found several of these walking black spots on my ficus, is it a spider mite? For size reference it is standing on a toothpick.
  2. A

    What are these gnats nesting in my BRT?

    I recently got a Brazilian rain tree this summer and have had it outside up until now. Both outside in the summer and now inside I have seen these small insects on the tree. They mostly seem to be near or on new growth. I'm guessing they're feasting on the sap the tree produces. As far as I can...
  3. Apex37

    Experience with Pyrethrin

    I just ordered a bottle of Bonide Pyrethrin concentrate to help with aphids and spider mites this summer (my biggest problem in the garden). I was curious other people's experience with it. Obviously since it's a concentrate I will definitely be following directions and applying after sunset...
  4. DamianTrimboli

    Phyton-27 + Lime Sulphur: Advice

    Hello Eveyone! I read multiple times in this forum that it is recommend as preventive to use a mix of Phyton-27 and Lime Sulphur. My question is: how is possible? Since to use Phyton-27 it is recommended to dilute it with water with PH between 4.5 and 5.5, and Lime Sulphur is really alcaline...
  5. sparklemotion

    Experience with Spirotetramat (Kontos, Movento)?

    I'm looking to find a systemic insecticide that I can use on flowering trees (to include maples), while minimizing harm to pollinators. I'll save my rant about irresponsible uses of Bayer/BA 3-in-1, Safari, Merit, and the like. Research is pointing me towards spirotetramat, which is sold by...
  6. C

    Bionide systemic insecticide?

    Does anyone have experience using bionide systemic granules for insecticide? I’ve used it for succulents and cacti in the past with great results for mealy bugs. Given that I’m new to this, I’m not really sure what a Japanese Maple can handle. I’m also thinking of using a bionide systemic...
  7. milehigh_7

    Neem Oil Use Questions

    Are there any tree species that Neem will harm? Recommended dilution rates? Any other tips, tricks, and pointers?
  8. ConorDash

    UK accessible fungicide and insecticide

    UK PEOPLE, UNITE! @BobbyLane @Rob_phillips @TomB @Victorim @jeremy_norbury (+People I don't know/forgot, from the UK). Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today.... Whoops, wrong speech. Just looking for any of your recommendations or personal experiences with regularly applied fungicide or...
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