1. ShadyStump

    Share Your Wallpapers/Backgrounds

    I collect desktop wallpapers for my computer. I get bored quickly looking at the same picture all the time, so I currently have 1,520, and my setting fixed to rotate through the entire folder at 10 minute increments. It's good for keeping your mind going when staring at a screen all day, and...
  2. jordystokes

    Cascade/Semi-Cascade inspiration?

    Looking for trees out in nature for cascade or semi-cascade bonsai inspiration. Anyone have pics or a link to a website for such a thing?
  3. Tmcd009

    Urban/Budget Bonsai Thread?

    Hi all, I was just thinking...maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread for people with limited space and/or budget! Post how-tos for DIY small benches and pots, plus other good sources for getting started with a limited space, as well as limited bonsai related resources nearby. I have a...
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