japanese black pine seedling

  1. gustakasn0v

    Japanese Black Pine needle browning

    Hi BonsaiNut crowd, Hoping to get some help from you as a new Bonsai owner. I’ve been growing this JBP from seed since Aug 2021, repotted in March 2022 as the roots were outgrowing the tiny seedling pot. It’s been healthy this entire time, but I went on holiday last Friday and came back Sunday...
  2. PowerTap

    Moving a JBP outside

    I have a friend that has a ~6yo JBP that he has grown from seed. He has kept it inside in a bonsai pot forever. He now has a house he could put it outside and I've convinced him it would be best. I'm not sure if it would be better to move it now in our unusually warm and dry Seattle October...
  3. L

    JBP seedlings: genetic variation or disease

    Do I just have a JBP seedling with some interesting genetics that produce a yellowish coloration on the newest needles or is this something health-related? The 2 seedlings are planted in the same soil mix literally side-by-side in the same mesh bottom tray with downspout tubing risers. They...
  4. Y

    JBP seedling

    So I planted these JBP out of season last October. They handled the winter very well staying greenish purple, but now as they wake up from dormancy two of them have turned brown. Not sure what I did wrong as they have all been in the same pot getting watered at the same times. Do these two look...
  5. R

    Japanese black pine needle browning

    I had potted this seedling in the pot last year in a bonsai soil(alp). It has been growing well in spring and summer. In fall, I started noticing few needles browning in the lower branch and the bud not so aggressive. I have seen the diagnosis chart and couldn't find the exact issue. I suspect...
  6. AnacortesSteve

    Japanese Red and Black Pines from seed

    I have been growing JRP from seeds collected from the mother tree in my yard so no lack of source seeds, This year I started with JBP seeds I bought online and those have been pretty successful so I thought I would share some of what I have learned (thanks to those that have taught me). I start...
  7. thumblessprimate1

    Japanese Black Pine from seed

    I grew a bunch of Japanese black pine seeds about 3 years ago. Funny how they quickly outgrow shohin size. This is only one I kept. Others were sold and I killed a few. I haven't gotten the hang of keeping them for bonsai. I wanted to go crazy last year and decandle late every branch. I didnt...
  8. drew33998

    Feeding them southern pine beetles!

    I may not get the best tree in 6 years but im damn sure gonna have the healthiest southern pine beetle!
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