japanese larch

  1. raffaelbaer

    Progression Thread for my Moyogi style Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi)

    Hey everyone, In this thread I will document the further progression of my Moyogi (Informal upright) style Japanese Larch. Some minor details of the tree: price: 58€ (including shipping) date of purchase: october, 2023 source...
  2. raffaelbaer

    development plan for larch bonsai

    Hello everyone, So I want to develop a larch bonsai similar to this one: My main question was what route I should go along for creating this tree: Plan 1: - Let the main stem / main shoot grow until sufficient thickness of the first part of the trunk, then cut it and wire up a new leader...
  3. BarkLeafTrees

    Japanese Larch Restyle

    Restyling this larch for a friend it’s been stuck in that tiny pot for 3/4 years so wasn’t doing much growing. Repotted into a basket out of the old soil into an inorganic mix, looking to try and get some roots growing to make the nebari a bit less 2D hopefully with time it will grow some and...
  4. Sir_Nixon

    Japanese larch repotting question

    I have a Japanese larch that has opened its buds earlier than my other trees over the past few weeks. Is it too late to repot? Just waiting on a delivery to repot this into a bigger grow box. Thanks for your advice
  5. Sn0W

    A Couple of Japanese Larch

    I little while back I picked up 2 Japanese Larch from a guy over in Wales who had pot grown them from seed over many years. One had a nice trunk line and one doesn't. I'm planning to start working at least one of them this weekend if I get time around work, I was wondering what direction you...
  6. Fishtank307

    I've always wanted a larch

    So today I bought nine... Group planting of Japanese larches! Plan is to plant them on a slab next spring. Little pinecones! This is going to look lovely in Fall!
  7. parhamr

    Japanese larch progression

    I obtained this tree for about $10 as a rooted cutting in a 4" nursery pot. The sapling was planted in pumice and scoria. June 2014: After purchase, I slip potted it into an 8" round nursery pot. March 2015: May 2015, showing a lack-of-water mishap: (and/or bad repotting aftercare) 2015...
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