jpb decandling

  1. S

    decandling in cold climate

    Can I decandle with such conditions? USDA 6 average january temperatures: -1C average july temperatures: 20C start of the growing season: late march/early april (on deciduous tree, where it's well visible) If you need any more information, let me know.
  2. Ayxowpat

    JBP Repotting and Decandling in the Same Year

    Hi all, I have a shohin size JBP and I decandled it last year. It is doing pretty well. I am considering to repot the tree this year. 1- If I repot the tree in Spring, can I decandle it; 2- If not, is it safe to prune the hardened shoots in August? 3- If I decandle it, can I repot it in...
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