juniper collecting

  1. jbogard

    Collecting Juniper in Texas. Please help!

    I have an awesome opportunity to collect whatever I want according to the land owners...this doesn’t mean I will just try and pull everything out of the ground. I want to do it right and give the trees the best chance of survival possible so I’m looking for advice and possible hands on help to...
  2. B

    Bonsai soil

    I am moving pretty soon, so I am planning on going into the woods and taking about ten junipers with me in buckets. Where can i get substrate in bulk, that will suit a junipers needs. (Drains clearly, etc) They will most likely be staying in there for several years.
  3. BonsaiBay

    40+ Year old mystery Juniper hedge

    Hi All, While the pictures aren't great, does anyone know what type of juniper this is and it's viablility for good bonsai foliage? They are planted in a mobile home park and I was just given permission to take what I want before they rip everything out, including a fruit tree. I was shown...
  4. AE6E0D68-8D47-405B-9939-BE0806F40CB8.jpeg


    Now repotted in a super rectangle pot by Peter Chan
  5. G-Hoppa

    Help with a monster yardadori juniper!

    I'll be digging this beast out of the ground tomorrow afternoon. I've successfully collected a couple deciduous trees, but never something like this. It's about 5' tall by 8' wide. I can't stop looking at that trunk. first, I'm just outside Seattle, it's been cool and rainy this week, and...
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