juniper collecting

  1. Z

    Has anyone seen a juniper with red winter foliage?

    The foliage is still soft, looks like a rocky mountain juniper, have been thinking about collecting it this spring for a few months but this coloration is giving me pause. I have seen and collected a ton of RMJ but never found one that is this red. Have any of you come across any juniper that...
  2. WinstonWolfe

    Recent Aquisitions

    My recent acquisitions. Taxus is not in soil yet. Just collected yesterday, but watered the roots, and its been cold and grey here. Junipers: help with the ID? I think procumbens. Chopped back last spring by home owner, back budded nicely. He told me he transplanted them to their collected...
  3. D

    Juniper “Yard”Dori substrate ?

    Hey guys Wanna dig out a normal Juniper in a yard. What is a great substitute for Pumice for a collected juniper ? Or any other substrate people have been successful with?🤩 Thanks guys
  4. Big Country Bonsai

    Another collected Ashe juniper

    Just wanted to post another tree I recently collected. This is an Ashe juniper that was growing on a southern embankment.
  5. Big Country Bonsai

    Collected Redberry Juniper (Juniperus pinchotii)

    I collected another juniper today that I believed was and Ashe juniper but on closer inspection I believe it is a redberry juniper. The foliage looks a bit different and the bark is definitely not as dark as Ashe juniper. If anyone can verify ID I would appreciate it! Either way it’s a great...
  6. Big Country Bonsai

    Collected Shohin sized Ashe juniper

    I’m not usually one for the smaller bonsai but when I saw this small tree while out scouting I had to have it! There’s lots of small juniper out where I collected this but very few with the great deadwood and character that this one has. Combine that with the movement it possesses and I think we...
  7. Big Country Bonsai

    Collecting Ashe Juniper this weekend

    I have the privilege of going on a collecting trip with The Bonsai Smiths this weekend and I have a few Ashe juniper to choose from. I’m posting images of a couple that I really think I want to try to collect if they are collectible. Choose your favs and help me decide which ones to go for!
  8. Big Country Bonsai

    Collecting Juniper in Texas. Please help!

    I have an awesome opportunity to collect whatever I want according to the land owners...this doesn’t mean I will just try and pull everything out of the ground. I want to do it right and give the trees the best chance of survival possible so I’m looking for advice and possible hands on help to...
  9. B.uneasy

    Bonsai soil

    I am moving pretty soon, so I am planning on going into the woods and taking about ten junipers with me in buckets. Where can i get substrate in bulk, that will suit a junipers needs. (Drains clearly, etc) They will most likely be staying in there for several years.
  10. BonsaiBay

    40+ Year old mystery Juniper hedge

    Hi All, While the pictures aren't great, does anyone know what type of juniper this is and it's viablility for good bonsai foliage? They are planted in a mobile home park and I was just given permission to take what I want before they rip everything out, including a fruit tree. I was shown...
  11. AE6E0D68-8D47-405B-9939-BE0806F40CB8.jpeg


    Now repotted in a super rectangle pot by Peter Chan
  12. G-Hoppa

    Help with a monster yardadori juniper!

    I'll be digging this beast out of the ground tomorrow afternoon. I've successfully collected a couple deciduous trees, but never something like this. It's about 5' tall by 8' wide. I can't stop looking at that trunk. first, I'm just outside Seattle, it's been cool and rainy this week, and...
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