juniper procumbens

  1. SmallTreeGuy

    New Juniper acquired near throw away pile in back of nursery

    Hello everyone, yesterday I decided to go Nursery crawling and found this near the back beside a pile of dead driftwood and brown crispy foliage. The heartwood is red/pink but the foliage doesn’t look like ERC (red cedar/Juniperus Virginiana.) is there another Juniper that has red heartwood...
  2. AlterEgoX

    Juniper shaping ideas?

    I've got this juniper that I plan to grow larger this coming spring and would love some ideas for shaping. It seems pretty set up as a windswept, but I would like more movement in there somehow. My SO suggested a cascade, but I don't really want to go that direction. Maybe something will jump...
  3. D

    $18 nursery blue rug wiltonii and procumbens initial shape

    Picked up some decent nursery junipers over the weekend. I believe one is a procumbens and the other might be a wiltonii (blue rug). I think the sign said 'blue' something... there wasn't a tag on the pot. Nice movement in the blue rug. Good one to eventually try my first shari.
  4. G

    Target Soil Moisture Level for Juniper Procumbens nana

    Hello Everyone, I purchased a Moisture meter 3 in one kind, and was hoping someone could give me some idea on where I want my soil to be on the meter. I have a 4.5 inch Juniper Procumbens "nana" (Outside) Bowl...
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