1. M

    Kashima? Kiyohime? What did I buy?

    Hello all, I picked up this japanese maple, and curiously it has two tags that say different things. The blue tag says Kashima yatsubusa, and the white tag says yatsubusa kiyohime. Can anyone help ID by the pictures?
  2. cornfed

    JM leaves look unhealthy. What have I done?

  3. Rodrigo

    Shade Mesh?

    I have a couple of Japanese Maples that I'll need to protect from the harsh Texas summer heat (I only get afternoon sun at the moment). The only shade mesh I've found in stores was at Lowe's but it's way too much for what I need (price and quantity) and it also blocks about 75% of light, which I...
  4. PeaceLoveBonsai

    Kashima Flowers

    Is it advisable to pluck the flowers off a Kashima? I'm growing this particular Kashima in an aquatic basket to encourage root development, so I'm not exactly in the refinement stage, but I'm still interested in the best way to work with the species. Thoughts?
  5. N

    Fat Japanese Maple, where to chop?

    Just picked up this fat kashima palmatum. The top is a jumble of options, I plan on trying for some cuttings. I bought it with the intent of some sort of sumo, but I'm not sure how far I should take it down. Thoughts on where to cut? I'm not afraid of starting from a stump, as that was the...
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