1. electraus

    How much foliage can you safely remove from junipers for an initial styling?

    Hello, I’m wondering how much foliage can be removed from rough stock junipers on an initial styling? I understand the percentage changes between species and even sub-species, so I’m most interested in Kishu and Itoigawa. Maybe procumbens as well for practice. My understanding is that itoigawa...
  2. electraus

    How would you get started on this giant kishu?

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired this huge kishu from a bonsai nursery near me and am having trouble figuring out how to get started with a piece of material this large and raw. I don’t see any substantial interior branching and most of the foliage is on the larger, much less pliable branches...
  3. Clicio

    Kishu literati juniper weird color difference.

    Hi folks. I've been keeping that little literati juniper for some years now. We are in the middle of our long Spring here - 4 months - and since late winter I've been noticing this color difference between its apex and the lower foliage. It doesn't happen to my other Kishu, itoigawa or shimpaku...
  4. cybergandalf

    Kishu Beginnings

    I know this is probably the most common post on here, but I've been looking at this Kishu for a few weeks and I'm not quite sure where to go. Pretty sure I "cleaned" too much out of the middle. I know I need to wire the whips, but there are too many "main branches". I also know some have to go...
  5. RJG2

    Kishu on a cliff

    I think I did alright for my first try! Wiring will need some adjustments once it gets established. Finished product first: Process time. Twisted up the kishu a while ago: Prepping the rock: Let's make muck the Hagedorn way (maybe I'll post a separate thread on this, there were...
  6. trigo

    Shimpaku Kishu - Field Grown - Progress Thread

    Making this thread to share the progress and procedures that, i did / will do, on this juniper. i will leave here the link to the imgur gallery Bought this Shimpaku Kishu on November 03 2022 (late spring) at a famous bonsai grower here in Brazil, it was field grown specifically for bonsai and...
  7. B

    Spider mites on kishu

    I have a nice Kishu, and did the white paper test, and am seeing a few spider mites. I'm not seeing a ton of them on the paper, but they are there. When i smush them, I see brown/reddish streaks. I've noticed a few other signs as well. Foliage ion the lower branches looks a bit duller than...
  8. bonsaianak

    Looking for Kishu Shimpaku for Grafting

    Hello! I recently purchased a Sabina Juniper that I intend on grafting kishu shimpaku on during this next growing season. Looking for 4-6 kishu donors that are healthy and ideal for approach grafts. Thanks!
  9. backroadstraveler

    Repotted Kishu in 1 Part Akadama, 1 Part Kanuma, 1 Part Lava

    I just repotted my Kishu Shimpaku in 1 part Akadama, 1 part Kanuma, 1 part Lava. It was in 100% akadama. I just wanted to make sure that using the 1 part Kanuma didn't add too much acid to the soil. Is this a good soil mix, or should I repot it swapping out the Kanuma with pumice. I've...
  10. Aukai

    Any help would be kewl

    On these Junis, i have noticed that the growing tips seems to be the color the whole trees foliage is supposed to look like, which last season i had the color. Kinda nervous, any help would be awsome...ty 1st my Kishu...have had it almost a year Next a cutting i have had for a...
  11. palagaban

    shinpaku juniper kishu variety cutting

    is anyone selling a kishu variety cutting in Europe?
  12. markyscott

    Twisted trunk shimpaku

    I picked this up at Suthin's sale last year. He had a few tables of trees on benches outside of his garden - there were some real nice trees in there. Wish I'd bought some more. This one was not in that great of shape - it was not wired into the pot and had lost a lot of soil, but was...
  13. jriddell88

    Grafted Kishu shimpaku clump

    40 year old San Jose tree on the hill , Kishu grafting started 18 years ago
  14. markyscott

    Old Kishu

    Here's an old Kishu shimpaku. It was imported over 30 years ago. I purchased it from Suthin earlier this year. It's a great old tree with some nice movement and lots of deadwood. Here's the tree on Suthin's bench. It's a beautiful tree, but had not been styled by Suthin in many years...
  15. ColinFraser

    Kishu Air Layer

    Here's another shohin seminar acquisition - a long lanky Kishu. I'm partial to the small tree I think I see in the lowest branch, so I'm layering off the top . . . . . . could be vaguely tree-ish up here too. Two layers at once really: Ugly, but hopefully effective:
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