1. aframe

    Kusamono - wild strawberries, red grass, moss

    Feb. '18: Wild strawberries, a red flowering grass, moss and I don't remember the small greenery in front of the rock but is has small purple flowers in spring. My first; tell me what you think!
  2. Gsquared

    Hunger Games: A creative solution

    What do you do when you have a colonoscopy the next day and haven’t eaten in 24 hours and are done with your last last dose of Moviprep (an evil substance if ever there was one) and just can’t take another food commercial on TV? Make bonsai pots of course! Just some little kusamono pots since...
  3. Kusamono by Soon Cheah

    Kusamono by Soon Cheah

    Mix plantings in a Vicki Chamberlain pot
  4. Kusamono: Hostas

    Kusamono: Hostas

    Pot by MJ of Whistling Fish Pottery
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