leaf loss

  1. S

    Ficus Leaves Turning Brown, Falling Off

    So, I have a Ficus...Ginseng I believe? (I'm not 100% sure it's that exact species but I know it's a Ficus) that I've owned since around summer of 2022, and it's made it fine through one winter so far (it's an indoor plant) but all of a sudden this time around it's started having its leaves turn...
  2. HeroAKKD

    Please help with recovering Chinese Elm

    Hi everyone, About 6 month ago, I have bought a 7 Year old Chinese Elm from a Bonsai. As it was from a nursery, its soil was very compact. Given that I am very inexperienced, whenever I was watering the bonsai, I was not watering it enough. So all the water that I have watered the bonsai with...
  3. S

    New to Campeche Trees

    Hi everyone I have a question about a tree I was given. I was giving a Campeche tree about a month ago and it was doing fine for about a week and all of a sudden the leaves started changing dying off... A couple of weeks later all of its leaves have dropped so I was wondering if this is normal...
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