1. electraus

    How did you learn how to correctly practice bonsai?

    I’m curious how you folks all learned to practice bonsai correctly. Before anyone comes for me for using the term “correctly” in reference to how an art is practiced, I’m aware that there are lots of different approaches to practicing bonsai. What I mean by “correctly practice” is how people...
  2. JuniperSol

    What I have learned about Escambron

    I am mainly starting this thread because I feel like there is not a ton of information out there on Escambrons, which I feel is a disservice to the species because of how wonderful they are to work with. I hope to share what I know, have I have learned, and let others contribute with their...
  3. veles616

    Last year air layering

    Last year I tried airlayering some trees and the biggest branch that made it was one from my salix caprea, I left it alone to recover till this year. The main thing I'm learning right now is patience which I have none. There are a ton of mistakes in this picture and I'm asking you for you...
  4. Amerssa

    So, my deshojo maple died :(

    I always loved maples, they are not really common here in my country, and i knew it would be a hard species to take care in my region, but it actually went pretty well until this summer, wich was way hotter than usual, and it really felt the heat, all the leaves burned from the intense sun (even...
  5. Csmdad

    Very super absolute beginnings

    Hi all. So I'm super-super-super-new to bonsai. I mean when I say new, I mean the "I don't even own a bonsai tree" type of super-new to bonsai, but hear me out. For the past 2 months (well... all of Nov and now over half of Dec) I've been studying bonsai. (Not totally "pinterest-study"...
  6. Cosmos

    Portrait of Nigel Saunders in a Canadian magazine

    How I learned to Love Bonsai, in The Walrus. An enjoyable read. I am a sucker for good, subtle disses, and I appreciated this one:
  7. Clicio

    One year doing bonsai; what I've learned so far.

    1-) Junipers and pines do die inside. 2-) Watering is an art and a science. It takes months to learn how to do it correctly. Most trees from newbies die because of overwatering or lack of water. 3-) Good draining soils do work. BUT... If watered correctly, nursery soils can be kept until...
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