1. Csmdad

    Very super absolute beginnings

    Hi all. So I'm super-super-super-new to bonsai. I mean when I say new, I mean the "I don't even own a bonsai tree" type of super-new to bonsai, but hear me out. For the past 2 months (well... all of Nov and now over half of Dec) I've been studying bonsai. (Not totally "pinterest-study"...
  2. Cosmos

    Portrait of Nigel Saunders in a Canadian magazine

    How I learned to Love Bonsai, in The Walrus. An enjoyable read. I am a sucker for good, subtle disses, and I appreciated this one:
  3. Clicio

    One year doing bonsai; what I've learned so far.

    1-) Junipers and pines do die inside. 2-) Watering is an art and a science. It takes months to learn how to do it correctly. Most trees from newbies die because of overwatering or lack of water. 3-) Good draining soils do work. BUT... If watered correctly, nursery soils can be kept until...
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