light requirements

  1. Bonsai_Rookie

    Considering to grow a Snow Rose mostly indoors (From seed)

    Hello everyone! I am new to bonsai business and I am currently considering to attempt to grow a Snow Rose Bonsai mostly indoors **FROM THE SEED**. Location challenges: Canada, Quebec, close to Ottawa. Temperature: Constant around 68 degrees fahrenheit and 77 degrees fahrenheit (except in...
  2. Emanon

    Dark, UV-rich Mornings: The effect of clouds on a plant's light requirements

    When they (the Internet including gov. Web sites/nurseries) tell you that a particular tree should receive around 4 hours of direct sunlight, does it matter if it is cloudy for those 4 hours? I recently moved outland (or the opposite of inland...I'm not sure of the right word) 5 minutes to...
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