maple collection

  1. SU2

    Q's on Red Maple collections (large swamp-growns stock), especially Re initial rootplate structure (FL / 9a/b zone)

    Would LOVE to hear this "Relative to BC's"!! The time is nearly here, I'll be wading through 1-->3'+ swamps, feeling-around for possible candidates for "good trunk-base stock" Maples, BC's and Nyssa's (any others that may be found in cent.FL that I may be overlooking, in terms of "standing...
  2. JimmyBeefshank

    Steep Frozen Hillsides Build Character

    Not just for the flora but also the fauna crazy enough to attempt collection... This tree, which I believe to be a maple, was growing on the side of a steeply graded berm of fill dirt. The tree was about 30 feet tall and the grade was such that the trunk was growing straight up after the...
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