1. Rivian

    The Maple Society

    Are there any members of the North American or International Maple Society here? What's it like? Is their forum lively? Is the cultivar database detailed and easy to use? Is the seed exchange worth the trouble?
  2. H

    How to style this maple?

    Hi! I have no idea what to do with this butterfly maple. I've added wire but i can't form the branches right in any way. Maybe i should prune? I'm a beginner so i would appreciate your help!😀
  3. Red Maple bonsai in Florida

    Red Maple bonsai in Florida

    Leafed out recently March 2023
  4. G

    Is this die back or a disease?

    I noticed first on the left image, but assumed it was die back (until the healty branch started that was starting to grow new leaves/branches dried down) and now on the other side (right image) seems to be getting it too. Should I assume the probable loss and cut those branches and see if the...
  5. K

    Looking for help identifying this Yamadori

    I collected this maple tree earlier this year in Michigan about 1/2 a mile from Lake Michigan in a large forest. It was definitely not planted by people and neither was anything remotely near it. My best guess is that it would be an Amur maple but honestly it’s leaves resemble a sienna glen...
  6. B

    Maple cuttings failing in propagation box, user error?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to propagating maple cuttings and need some more experienced advice. My Japanese maple cuttings last summer dried out while under the deck. Even after misting half a dozen times a day, the high heat, humidity, and wind won. This year I tried a clear tote propagation...
  7. Joelshack2362

    Two year Maple Growth

    I got this this tree two years ago from a ebay seller. I got it into better soil the fist year and have been letting it grow strong branches and thicken the trunk. This year I have been working to keep a good shape and trimming back new growth. Hopefully over the next few years keep working the...
  8. G

    Some help designing my maples

    I'm in need of some guiding tips for 2 of my maples. I got this one that I wanted to do a twin trunk style similar to this image My idea was to cut the red branches (letting them grow to create a bit more tapper in the bottom), keep the green one and now I don't know if I should cut the blue...
  9. H

    Help with my Deshojo

    I live in Athens Greece and my deshojo was left unwatered. The tree is in that condition. What should i Do now? I am sure the tree is alive because it wasnt left unwatered for longtime. THANKS.....
  10. S

    Pre winter trim

    First of the maples are bare down here so it is time to do the annual trim to get all the bits that were hidden among the leaves all summer. First up are a couple of Japanese maples. No 'before' on this first one. There wasn't really much to take off The next Japanese maple is a bit older...
  11. Stweed

    Arakawa leaf burn or fungal?

    Hi all! I just noticed some spots on my Arakawa’s leaves and I’m wondering if it’s leaf burn or perhaps something fungal? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  12. Backwardsvg

    Help with a farmadori tree

    Hello I have what I believe is a sugar maple. I collected it from my cousins farm field. It looks as if it was hit by lighting (I know it wasn’t looks more like wind or something cracked the top off) I collected it last spring and it has this new growth. It is a larger tree about 3.5 feet tall...
  13. C

    Flame Amur Maple Nursery Stock

    Hello! I’m a beginner (Zone 5a) looking for some insight on this Amur maple I picked up yesterday. I was thinking about where to chop it to have it build more taper, how to develop it properly, etc. Basically, I’m wondering what would you do with this? Thanks in advance! :)
  14. F

    Strong U.K. rooting hormone

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to point me towards a industrial strength rooting hormone that is available in the U.K.? I have read some threads talking about "Hormodin 3" but unfortunately, its not obtainable here. I'm looking for something primarily for Acer cuttings, which...
  15. S

    Brown Spots on Trident Leaves

    Hello All, I am a newbie and have collected a few nursery stock junipers to practice working on - and after a couple of trips to Fuji Bonsai Nursery in Sylmar I found myself walking out with some elm trees and a trident maple. I repotted the maple back in February and it has been doing just...
  16. Dank Piscean

    First Air Layer of Red Maple in Front Yard

    It's through bonsai that I discovered what "air layering" was so I thought I'd give it a try on this Red Maple I have in my front yard. I believe its a bloodgood and there's a couple others on the same and neighboring blocks since they seem to be popular here. I love the color they give during...
  17. Jupiter

    Japanese Maple help!!

    Hey just looking for some insight on this JM. Not sure if root rot or possibly some issue that happened during winterizing. Any help is always greatly appreciated. Roots are dark but not mushy. New growth came in strong but is really wilted. Everything is just drooping downwards. No...
  18. Nicks_Bonsai

    Urgent Trident Maple Help!

    Needs some urgent help Not sure if this is normal but my Shohin Trident Maple which I purchased back in December has come into leaf like a month back however the leaves were looking a bit tangled and bunched together, after a few weeks I left it outside a few weeks back when the night temp went...
  19. TurtleSquisher

    In for a TREAT.

    Good morning friends~ I have some SUPER exciting news. I just recently picked up my first Red Japanese Maple from a trip. Not but 3 days of having it, I had 6 clippings potted an ready to root. What happened in those 3 days might shock you. So after I got home I went over to my friend's...
  20. D

    Next steps for maple bonsai

    Hello, I have collected this maple in Maine wilderness last October. I believe it is red maple but I am not sure. It has survived the winter well and several days ago I repotted it into bonsai pot with good bonsai soil. I watered it little bit and left it in part sun location. It is doing well...
  21. K

    Japanese Maple cascade

    Hey all, Just making this thread to document the progression of my yard-adori red Japanese maple into a hopeful cascade. Collected from my parent's yard in March of 2021 and attached photos will show its original shape and styling. It was repotted and wired today into a tall terracotta cylinder...
  22. Apex37

    I Call This One....

    A miracle if it survives. 🤣 Seriously I haven't seen such bad roots before. I have no idea why this was in a 3 gal container. Most of the root mass was attached to what appeared to be a tap or main root that shot out at a weird angle straight down. The other half of the roots had VERY few...
  23. W

    Pre-Bonsai Trunk Thickening advice - Prune lower whips?

    I have a very juvenile pre-bonsai which in the past year has shot out a couple whips at the base of the trunk. I'm wondering if I should prune off the lower whips. My thought process is that since they're so low, they will only suck energy and thickness away from the main leader. I am...
  24. spiderland

    Repot my Japanese Maple?

    Hello everyone! I need some help as to whether or not I should repot my JM that I got from a nursery. The main reason isn’t for aesthetic, percolation, or nebari issues. It’s mostly to do with the size of the trunk. It just makes it to 1” in diameter, and I know that now is a good time to repot...
  25. NaoTK

    Juanita es muy fea

    So I run a lot in my city and I scope out trees while I run. One day I saw in someone's front yard a ridiculously ramified Japanese maple stump. So I knock on their door and the lady doesn't speak English. So her daughter translates and I offer to buy the trunk for $100. They were super excited...
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