1. A

    Maple Have Potential?

    Came across this guy on eBay for about $150. I thought branching, nebari, and all look to be there, just wanted other's opinions if it's worth the price. Obviously would require a lot of work as this isn't necessarily a bonsai, but I see potential. Thoughts?
  2. S

    Newbie could use some help with new tree

    Hello, everyone. I just joined and and wanted to ask the community a few quick questions: I got this maple yesterday, it's planted in regular dirt (I think) with some kind of spongy black rocks (almost like perlite) with an orange coating, on top of the dirt. It is 7 years old, according to the...
  3. B

    Tri Maple advice

    Looking for some opinions on this little guy I picked up this winter. It's got this big ugly knot on top and the branches are less than ideal. Its got a great and base tho! Thought I would get some opinions before I proceed. Chop most the top off or work with what is there?
  4. Jiminsauga

    Lakeside Sharp's Pygmy

    Hi all, With spring fast approaching up here in southern Ontario it's time I start making some hard decisions on this pygmy. I picked it up at the end of last season at my LGC called Lakeside, hence the title name. The tree has two main dominant trunk lines so I've used Peter Chan's paperbag...
  5. J

    Cute little one

    I know it’s not even near for what a bonsai is. Not even 5% there yet, but i just wanna show a cute little plant i have. I don’t know why but this kiddo just make me so attracted to it. Does the trunk movement retain when it grows? Mmmm... but i guess not ‘cause if i grow it to thicken the...
  6. A

    Nursery Maple Styling Recommendations

    Just picked up this guy for $30 at local nursery. I had a hard time not getting about 5 maples with them being 25% off, but they're getting a bunch of new ones next week, so I'm going to wait till then and probably get more. Anyway, I was trying to get some recommendations on styling. He's...
  7. B

    Trident maple inverse taper help

    Where should I cut back to on this field grown Trident maple? The top where it was cut back by the previous owner has a fair amount of inverse taper and I am unsure of where the best place to start a new leader would be.
  8. A

    New Maple Died

    So I purchased a small maple about 3 weeks ago and I'm not sure if it was a bad graft, or I just can't keep it alive or what but it's already dead. I watered it about every 2-3 days depending and was in about 6 hours of direct sun. It never actually budded or shown any signs of new leaves coming...
  9. Deep Sea Diver

    Rookies sorting out roots Ebihara don’t look!

    We got tired of our fledgling maples etc tossing out roots wherever and decided to see what could be done. 29 trees later we think we’ve got the basics. Now we are only hoping these lil guys will take the pummeling they received! Here’s just a few shots of the trees. Not necessarily the...
  10. Rivian

    Wound sealing

    Has anyone tried superglue to seal bleeding maple wounds? Tried cut paste last year but that was no good, did not hold back the liquid. Or can I just let it bleed? Its a 2 inch diameter cut, maybe a bit wider even
  11. cbroad

    Clump Amur air layer progression

    Here's an Amur maple clump air layer I potted up 8/3/17. It's been repotted once since then, but it definitely needs it again this season. It hasn't ever really been that vigorous for me, which is surprising since it's an amur, but the soil was probably crap from the beginning... Hopefully by...
  12. legobonsaipianoman

    Japanese Maple from Wal-Mart Advice Needed

    Hi everyone. I have been into bonsai for about 4 or 5 years now and have been wanting a Japanese Maple for a while. I bought some seedlings a few years ago or so from a garden center for around 2 dollars a piece, but killed them over the winter because I didn't water them. For some reason I...
  13. G

    Maple, styling doubts

    Hi guys, first post in this forum. I received this maple, repoted today and i dont know what to do. some sugestions?
  14. Thumbsaway

    Seedlings in 2x2x6 planters...

    i found some more exotic cultivars on Amazon (shh I know). They’re being shipped as 2 year grafted seedlings. Not a problem. the Problem came up when I went to repot from the nursery soil. Especially since they came in those tube pots. They each had 4 large roots and only had feeder roots...
  15. boguz

    Trident drill graft

    Hey... Here is my trident, i like its nebari. But it seems need more branches. I am planing to make a drill graft as in pictures. What do you think guys?
  16. Storm87

    Deadwood features / rot on the main trunk (advice needed)

    Hi all, Last spring I managed to acquire a nice hedge maple (urban) yamadori. It doing oke, it survived a pretty dry and hot summer here in the Netherlands. The tree has some nice deadwood features on the main trunk, but also quite a deep hole. I would really like some general advice on how...
  17. faker

    Overdue trident maple

    I've wanted to get a trident for a long time but never found one in my (low) price range that called to me. This one caught my eye when I was wandering around lone pine a few months ago, though I'm starting to see some issues the more I study it. Planning to do a major chop, cleanup, and repot...
  18. JBP_85

    New Trident Maples (Acer buergerianum)

    Hello Everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum and am excited to be in a position to finally join the discussion. I’ve been interested in this hobby for some time but have held off on acquiring trees until I was in a position to be able to responsibly participate and dedicate...
  19. Forrestford

    5yr Native Tree Challenge Forrestford's Acer Rubrum

    Here is my contest tree. Red maple dug March2020. I gave it all season to recover Here it is in fall and then today
  20. BonsaiNaga13

    How to sow Arakawa maple seeds from 2019?

    Last year I ordered some fresh arakawa seeds from Sheffields, stored them in the fridge until i was ready to plant them, and had some seeds sprout on warm days during the winter. Only 3 from that batch survived(squirrel attacks mostly)and one already is displaying rough bark. 3 of the ones that...
  21. J

    Saving a maple

    Hello everyone, this tree might be a little difficult but i wanted to save it since it was going to a bin. Someone i know renovated their place and kept this maple as small hedge. I found it and asked to have it. Do you think there is any chance for it to become somewhat of a bonsai. Advices?
  22. Njyamadori

    Maple Bonsai Critique

    I recently just made a maple forest and would like to see a lot of critiques on this ! Please critique this maple forest so I can learn from them !
  23. P

    Not sure what to do for my maple

    Hi everyone! I’m new to bonsai (honestly new to long term plant care in general) and I’m not sure what to do for my maple sapling. My boyfriend gave this one to me at the beginning of August and we potted it in this pot at that time. I’m worried about drainage as I live in the PNW in a North...
  24. Rivian

    [EU/Germany] Acer palmatum Beni Chidori

    If you know where to buy this cultivar please post it in this thread. Doesnt matter if grafted. Not interested in trained trees that cost hundreds of euros.
  25. Clicio

    He didn't know maples would not grow in the tropics, so he went ahead.

    No, I am not talking about trident maples; those are like weeds everywhere. You need to drag them tied to the rear of a a truck to kill them, or so they say. I am trying some different cultivars, like Deshojo and Kotohime. The secret (up to now...) is taking them out of the sun on time, before...
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