1. Deep Sea Diver

    Inherited - Shimpaku Raft over Rock

    This is a somewhat unusual, yet not totally unknown, composition as it combines two styles. Root over rock and raft. Has been in brother in law’s care for 6 years. I repotted and trimmed back for him four years ago. Haven’t seen since. Not flashy but a nice bonsai if certain issues can be...
  2. Michael P

    Slab planting problems

    I love forests and single trees on slabs, but have never had much success with this style. I've searched the forum, but can't find the information I need. There are two major problems: 1. My climate is very hot and dry in the summer (Dallas, Texas). The soil dries very quickly, is very hard...
  3. M


    hello im new to this page i found it by looking up how to make muck. i tried on with terracotta clay sphagnum moss and peat and just as a test i put a small desert fig into a muck ball and left it out. even watering everyday the ball has gone rock hard and i dont see the plant living. do i have...
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