1. BobbyLane

    American Elm video

    This one definitely deserves its own thread! Love the work Arthur Joura did on this American elm, its so typical of the Oak trees we see here in the forests and parks. some of you may remember his posts from the old IBC forum, he does great work making trees look like real trees.
  2. AnutterBonsai

    Boxwood Wintergreen “Winterstar” $13 find!

    Today I stumbled upon this great piece of material that I just couldn’t resist buying for at a great price! As you can see, starting at the nebari, it has those roots to the side that I loved because they don’t look, to me, too big of an issue and instead “anchor” the powerful and barky trunk...
  3. Bonsai Noodles

    A "naturalistic" bonsai guide?

    I came across this iconic video of Walter Pall discussing the "naturalistic" approach to styling bonsais. I was wondering if there's some guide out there that Walter Pall has made — video or article — on how to achieve this look, a la Peter Chan perhaps, haha.
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