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  1. B

    Need help with Azalea, Please!

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I am currently having some major issues with my azalea. It has been losing leaves for the last three week. The leaves have been losing color; turning brown, black, and the tips of some of them have been turning brown as well. I was not having any sorts of problems with the tree...
  2. JuniperSol

    Brazilian Rain Trees - Growing Seeds

    I recently ordered some Brazilian rain trees (10 seeds) and wanted some advice on a couple of things. I mainly ask because I have had a hard time finding information (the seller sends info but I would like to get info ahead of time to prepare). 1) Soil. I have read a mix of things, such as using...
  3. KoyoteGnomely

    HELP!!! Fukein Tea tree took a turn this week for the worse.

    So back in August I got my first bonsai, the Fukein tea tree (ehretia mircophylla).Anyhow after reading hours of content and watching 3 start up videos in a row, I was ready for the transplant. My pot has to weep holes in the bottom about the size of a nickel, so I covered them with plastic...
  4. E

    Can Someone Help My Dying Ficus

    Hello, My Ficus bonsai tree (not sure what exact species) has been on the downward spiral since 5 months ago, when I gave it quite a significant prune. I began to notice it loosing more leaves than usual and no new growth developing, usually the prune would bring on lots of new growth, even at...
  5. janaiya

    I just saw this on my BRT - fungus, mildew? What I need to do?

    I just saw those white grey spots on a few branches and than found a few new leaves on the top part of the tree with white stains . Any ideas? Should I cut those leaves off? What should I do? Please help ! I am going from one scare to another.
  6. A

    Please help identify my bonsai tree

    Hello, I bought my first bonsai tree about 2 months ago at a fair. The only instructions I received were to water it twice a week and not expose it to extreme sunlight. But after two months its pine needles are turning yellow and I don’t see much growth. I’ve been searching online to see what...
  7. Forest Bean

    Help? Unidentifiable Collection

    I collected this tree in the Clarksburg and Fairmont area of West Virginia. Lots of hills and mountains. I really have no clue what species it is. I have been searching all over the internet for something close to it. Lots of Beech grow where I dug it up, but I know it's not beech. The new...
  8. M

    New to Bonsai - Indoor Ficus Ginseng Tree Help.

    Hi, I am totally new to Bonsai in general and have acquired an unknown age Ficus Ginseng Tree. Recently, the tree has dropped its leaves (both old and new) even the smallest knock will make them drop. The stems are becoming rather bare (see images). I read online that this particular...
  9. CR18

    Beginner with an Azalea, Juniper, and Hydrangea!

    Hello all! I'm here in a desperate cry for help! I've had 5 bonsai over two years and have killed 2 already (they were Serissas from Bonsai Boy). Now, I'm afraid my Satsuki Azalea is next!! If anyone could lend me some aid, I can answer any question about how I currently treat all of my trees...
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