1. Alaskanrocket

    How bad is this boxwood styling?

    Hi All, So this is my first boxwood, as well as my first attempt at styling/training from Nursery (aka shrub) stock. Im still a little leery of my wiring technique so I chose to use string. Is this a bad method? Things Ive read on Boxwoods.... They Train easily, they don't train easily. They're...
  2. L


    Hi, I'm new to bonsai trees and have no experience with them whatsoever. My father just brought me home this bonsai and I'm trying to look up some information on care etc. However I have no idea what kind of tree it is, there was no tag or anything with it just the price and 'small bonsai'...
  3. Thornhill

    New and confused

    Hi all! New to the forum and also to the exciting and befuddling world of bonsai. I have had an interest in the hobby for many years and have killed my fair share of trees due to many rookie mistakes (poor soil quality, trying to keep junipers indoors etc.). I recently purchased a juniper that...
  4. OrganicSeasonal

    I bought this thing in the winter time, it's awakening now or something?:[

    Hello all. Well I bought this beautiful jbp bonsai from Grove Way bonsai in Hayward ca in the winter time. I'm a veggie Gardner with good plant knowledge, but I've been puttingJapanese Black Pine #2 by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 7, 2017 at 7:17 PMJapanese Black Pine #1 by OrganicSeasonal posted...
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