northern red oak

  1. PlantsNFishin

    My grandfather watered my northern red oak in the sun. All the leaves burnt off but it’s still alive and the inside is green. What can I do?

    This oak is about 1-2 years old now. It was collected last summer by my partner as a gift to celebrate the start of our relationship so the tree has a lot of meaning to me. My grandpa watered it but watered the leaves too and they all burnt off. I’m keeping it in the shade and cut the dead...
  2. Orion_metalhead

    Quercus Rubra (Northern Red Oak) #1

    This black oak - I think it's a black oak... the leaves seem to have pointy ends and do not look like the white oak immature leaves at all - was growing along the fence line in my yard. I liked the shape of the trunk with the small kink in it and felt it would be a nice tree to work on. It had...
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