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  1. electraus

    Why are Japanese trees/artists consistently cited as best in the world?

    This is as much a question as it is a discussion prompt. I just constantly hear American bonsai greats like Ryan Neil, Bjorn Bjorholm, etc. say that the best trees and bonsai masters are all in Japan, and that makes me think a little. It may be that I'm only two and a half years into this and...
  2. A

    My current troublemakers

    Said lovingly of course. The Acer in the background (a Takinogawa that had a hard time this year and that I'm surprised made it because it arrived literally during our legendary ice storm, and has since put up with record breaking wind storms, hail, heat, and hardly any humidity when we're...
  3. Gottibonsai

    Fagus forest design sketch

    Hi guys, today I want to share you my beech bonsai forest project. Now it is not a forest at all, just some fagus tree that I let in that pot to grow during the last year. From the forest I copied on my drawing a medium size tree on the left and two of the tree major trees from the actual...
  4. KoyoteGnomely

    HELP!!! Fukein Tea tree took a turn this week for the worse.

    So back in August I got my first bonsai, the Fukein tea tree (ehretia mircophylla).Anyhow after reading hours of content and watching 3 start up videos in a row, I was ready for the transplant. My pot has to weep holes in the bottom about the size of a nickel, so I covered them with plastic...
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