1. SilverCeder

    Jalapeño Bonsai

    Anyone else trying to turn a veggie from their garden into something? Saved my jalapeño plant last second from my vegetable garden a week or so ago. All the leaves were wilted from the cold. It’s back budding!!!! In my little heated greenhouse. Let’s see where this project goes! Lol
  2. ShadyStump

    Teach Me Bonchi

    We came across some of those Topsy Turvey hanging tomato planters for free in the spring, so we decided to experiment with them. (For those wondering, only practical if you're doing just porch/balcony gardening in pots. Of no really benefit if you garden on any scale by any means. For tomatoes...
  3. iHasaki

    Co-creation is key

    Hello there good folk, Some time ago I started looking for some bonsai starters/little tree’s. I didn’t think of connecting to others on forums. But when I found out, I liked the input on the different threats. First off I started looking at the interwebs to find out if there are some...
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