1. A

    What are these gnats nesting in my BRT?

    I recently got a Brazilian rain tree this summer and have had it outside up until now. Both outside in the summer and now inside I have seen these small insects on the tree. They mostly seem to be near or on new growth. I'm guessing they're feasting on the sap the tree produces. As far as I can...
  2. Apex37

    Noob Question for Granular Pesticides/Fungicides

    Can it be applied on top of the top dressing (i.e. sphagnum moss) or does that need to be removed first? This will be my first year trying out granular as I've only tried sprays.
  3. Yo Mango

    Safer 3-in-1 Garden Spray Insect Killer, Ready-to-use

    Has anyone ever used Safer 3-in-1 Garden Spray Insect Killer, Ready-to-use? They say it has: Contains potassium salts of fatty acids (.75%) and sulfur (.4%) as active ingredients. Sounded decently safe to use on Bonsai, thoughts?
  4. Jhervi

    Root aphid problem. What has worked for you?

    Hi Yall, With various different products on the market, I wanted to see what yall were using to rid your bonsai of aphids? Did it work? I understand that most people use preventative measures before a problem occurs, but sadly I overlooked this and now a few of my trees have a small root aphid...
  5. janaiya

    I just saw this on my BRT - fungus, mildew? What I need to do?

    I just saw those white grey spots on a few branches and than found a few new leaves on the top part of the tree with white stains . Any ideas? Should I cut those leaves off? What should I do? Please help ! I am going from one scare to another.
  6. C

    Bionide systemic insecticide?

    Does anyone have experience using bionide systemic granules for insecticide? I’ve used it for succulents and cacti in the past with great results for mealy bugs. Given that I’m new to this, I’m not really sure what a Japanese Maple can handle. I’m also thinking of using a bionide systemic...
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