1. FreshAirSunshine

    Azalea lacebug - preferred treatment

    My new azalea golden lights has gotten some of the tar specked leaves and white/clear with brown small bugs that I believe I’ve identified properly. Sprayed with insecticidal soap labeled to treat lacebug but looking to see if I should do more and what others experience dealing with this pest...
  2. BrazilianMoistWood

    BRT outside on a farm?

    I’ve recently bought a Brazilian rain tree and have been wanting to put it outside for the summer but mother says I should keep it inside because of the delicate leaves. She puts her hibiscus outside in the summer and every fall when she brings it back in it has spider mites on it. I live on a...
  3. Clicio

    Zombie scales

    One of my trees had a bad case of scale infestation this season. I have treated it with insecticide in the summer and with Neem Oil in the autumn. The tree is healthy now, lots of new buds, but the branches are still full of them, dead I suppose; when scratching they fall and look dry, but are...
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