1. SmallTreeGuy

    Gray tips on foliage and dull color

    Hey everyone, A couple of weeks ago I posted a Juniper that was and still is pretty sickly. I’m trying to get it happier. A lot of the foliage is growing but I have a section that has just been at a standstill and not grown at all since I’ve been tending to it. I believe the juniper has...
  2. ajm55555

    Pinching strong apical shoots on a developing JM

    So I have this Japanese maple, which I cut back hard in the Fall of 2019. It's a garden center tree at the beginning of its bonsai life. It's waking up now and I have a few apical shoots that are very strong, while others down below are weak and maybe on the verge of drying up. I guess it's...
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