pinus cembra

  1. LunaticTree

    Pinus Cembra

    Hello, I wanted to update you all on my little Nurserystock I so happened to get the last few years! I got my hands on a few Pinus Cembra from a local nursery that gives them away for 10€ each. Was hard to resist not to get all of them! So I picked a few that I liked and let them stay in the...
  2. LunaticTree

    Work done so far?

    I bought those Pinus Cembra a while back now, and so far they have been doing great in the Pot they are in. They just got fertilized and their Candles got Pruned to 2/3 of their size, to get the needles the deisred size eventualy. The smaller and more Dense in foliage one, is a Swizz dwarf...
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