pinus parviflora

  1. T

    Japanese white pine seedlings (Pinus parviflora)

    Does anyone have a current source for non-grafted Japanese white pine seedlings in the United States? I have seen several other threads from months or years past citing COVID-related supply chain issues and/or importing troubles that have made these more scarce. Any tips on where to find them...
  2. C

    Pinus Parviflora early germination

    Hello all, I collected some seeds from a Japanese white pine (glauca) this fall (about 2 months ago now). I followed some recommendations that the seeds should first be scarified, then soaked, then placed in vermiculite for around 60 days in room temp, followed by 90 days cold strat. Well, this...
  3. I

    PINUS parviflora Zuisho pre-bonsai europe

    Hi everyone! As the title, I'm looking for a place where to buy JWP Zuisho pre bonsai in Europe (I live in Italy). Does anyone know a place to buy them? Many thanks!
  4. pandacular

    panda’s Pinus parviflora ‘Aoi’

    I bought this white pine from my local nursery during their fall tree sale. I find the foliage of ‘Aoi’ stunning, and the growth habit looks compelling for an upright or slanting pine. Its also one of the cultivars listed in the Bonsai Today book, so somebody’s using them for bonsai. When I...
  5. Sn0W

    Pinus Parviflora 'Schoon's Bonsai' Help

    I found a few chunky examples of these today at a nursery I've been working with over lockdown. There are a couple with trunks at least 2", nice movement and some decent branch placement. I cannot find much information at all regarding this cultivar online so I was wondering if anyone could shed...
  6. jd_bonsai

    Reliable seed source in USA?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy seeds online? In particular looking for Japanese Black Pine, Japanese White Pine and English Yew. Also seeking some reliable sources for seedlings (1-2 years old) of those species. Thanks
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