podocarpus help

  1. SU2

    So just chopped&potted my 1st *large* Podocarpus yamadori (many pics in-thread!), hoping for any advice on aftercare!!

    I was driving-home when I spotted it, these are VERY hard to find I've been seeking one for half a decade now w/o luck, seems it was ~an hour of being curbside the rootball's edge was dry but interior still had some moisture, was a good size: I chopped the top&bottom, leaving some...
  2. A

    Podocarpus Macrophyllus dry leaves - where is problem?

    Hi, I´m new to bonsai. I got this podocarpus. It was 3 months alright, but now it is getting dry leaves(needles). That leaves are drying from the top. I´m wattering that tree 2-3 times per week and little fertilized once per month. I have it near the window on north/east side. Where is problem...
  3. H

    Help with Podocarpus bonsai

    I inherited this tree from a friend, It was in poor shape as her cat was eating it. I was able to get new growth and keep it green, but now I seem to be loosing a whole section of it. It was fine last week and it’s still green, just dry and shriveled. Could anyone tell me what might be happening...
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